Plan and perform release switches from SAP R/3 4.7 to SAP ERP 6.05. This project comprises two two-system landscapes, a sandbox system and two three-system landscapes used by four companies. The release switch comes with the implementation of the solution manager for managing system landscapes and controlling or performing test activities.The project team also maintains test plans and test packages in Solution Manager and supports the departments in creating test cases.


The project covers many very different activities from very different areas. This is reflected by the migration of CATT test cases to eCATT, adaptation of the layout of the Oracle database, planning of requirements for hardware, as well as training of testers. The total number of systems being upgraded is 13.


Motivations for the project are discontinued support for the release statuses of the SAP systems and the objective of standardizing the technical basis. Added to this is the objective of reflecting the administrative processes in the SAP Basis area as a central tool in the Solution Manager. The SAP procedure model serves as the template for the release upgrade workflow for upgrade projects. For all system landscapes, this includes setting up a second, parallel line and temporarily expanding the two-system landscapes (development and production) to three-system landscapes (development, test and production). For the necessary tests, test cases are created for the responsible departments in the Solution Manager and assigned to projects. This makes it possible for all monitoring and management to be performed from a central point across the entire system landscape.