Short description:

Development of a framework in Java as a company standard, new development based on a Delphi application.

Technical description:

Valuation for real estate. The application covers the actual profitability calculation (capitalized value), as well as master data management and simple HTML-based or MW Word-based reporting. The profitability calculation is based on a customer-specific standard. Essentially, the profitability of a property is identified by means of an analysis based on a fixed ten year runtime. Heuristic assumptions are made for rental occupancy or other use of the property. Typical parameters for determining the value of real estate (location-specific, broker's commission, etc.) are identified and are included in the actual calculation. The application also supports the decision-making process about whether to buy real estate or not. Graphical formatting can be used to visualize the analysis (specifically: the rental trend) and simulations can be created by varying the inbound parameters.