Short description:

New development of a web application based on a customer process by mapping the order confirmation of an article. The processes of processing supplier order confirmations and their release via web application are dynamized and optimized.


In intensive collaboration with the internal team and the customer, an ACTUAL process and a target process were created in BPMN. From this, user stories were developed in Jira, which served as the basis for the development of the web application. The web application was developed in Typescript and vue.js. The visual content was added using Bootstrap. Data to the surrounding systems is exchanged via XML and JSON files. Necessary attachments can be uploaded and edited.

Technical description:

The web interface is to support the supplier and clerk in the transmission of purchase orders and order confirmations and the resulting creation of a contract. To date, the clerk sends the purchase order and order confirmation including macro to the supplier via email. The old process via Word templates and email has been replaced. The forms are now filled out by the supplier in a web interface, including technical logic and approval process, and managed by the clerk.