Short description:

We update the customer's application to the newest version of Adobe RoboHelp and apply the changes to the implementation of the RoboHelp API in the application that were made necessary by the update. Also, we take stock with regards to the help topics. At last, a user introduction is given.


The web help is maintained on a virtual machine by means of the programme Adobe RoboHelp. First, the project directory is updated to the newest version of the programme. Now we take stock: If a help topic for a new application feature does not exist, an empty help topic is created and marked in order for it to be filled out later. Help topics for obsolete features are also marked in order to delete them later if needed. Broken links in the HTML files in the help project are repaired by means of a Python script that we write especially for that purpose. We also repair the mapping file, that contains the mappings of the help topics to the help IDs used inside of the application, with another Python script. The new web help is generated and uploaded. At last, the web help API already implemented in the application is adapted to the new version. In the subsequent user introduction, we show how the web help is maintained.

Technical description:

The web help helps the application users and the auditors to orient themselves. It explains how to use its domains and wizards correctly and helps to understand the purpose and use of the application.