Short description:

Migration and adjustment of the sales-supporting software from Windows 98 to Windows XP, together with all functions. Introduction of dedicated user keys in the Active Directory, as well as support for the new technical features of Windows XP. Optimizing the infrastructure of the underlying database system and developing a migration strategy for the user data.


The particular challenge in introducing Windows XP is the structure of the organization. In general, the agencies or representatives do not have any employees responsible for IT administration, in other words, there is no "on-site service" to carry out and supervise the migration. To make the migration as smooth as possible for users, despite this, comprehensive and time-consuming tests are carried out in advance for installing the new operating system and the concepts for the individual software components. In both cases, the aim is to reduce the number administrative tasks for users to a minimum.

Technical description:

The introduction of the new operating system not only brings the agencies and representatives up to date in a technical sense, it also makes it possible to add new functional and technical functions to the existing agency management and information system. The newest configuration gives users significantly improved support for sales and distribution and for high quality customer consulting. This especially affects the sale of bancassurance products, i.e. products from different, legally separate business fields (e.g. insurance, building association).