Short description:

Standardization of a customer workflow by the frameworks SAP-Workflow + BRF+. On the PTA side, the change of the calling classes and the methods called by the WF are restructured. The technical aspects are the decoupling of coding and the customizing settings, which are thereby better supportable.


After S/4Hana is implemented and the management of business partner data is converted using SAPUI5, the customer's own approval workflow is converted to SAP Standard-WF with BRF+. It will be used in an SAP system with S/4Hana database and the business partner master data. On the PTA side, the technical support of the development and the adaptations of various programs are carried out.

Technical description:

The processing of the creation and change of business partners is to be developed by an approval WF with customizable functions in BRF+. The underlying application is the SAP business partner model. On the frontend side the standard transaction BP will be replaced by a SAPUI5 application. However, this presentation side of the application is not the focus of the workflow. The WF available so far is to be implemented with SAP standard means for support purposes and for standardization reasons.