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Connection of a decentralized agency system to a cross-division central system

Project duration: 1 year, 2 months

Brief description

Connection of the decentralized agency management system software to a new, central, cross-division system for daily, automated supply of stock data.


The connection between the decentralized agency system and the cross-division system requires changes to the user interfaces and comprehensive adjustments to the data model and database. The user interfaces are adapted with Delphi 2007/Object Pascal. Sybase SQL Anywhere 10 is used as the database. Previous procedural application parts are refactored to also use the Silva Framework.

Subject description

The existing decentralized agency system is connected to a new, cross-division centralized system. This system automatically supplies the agencies each day with up-to-date stock data from the central system. This eliminates the need for the agency to manually trigger the stock update each day. This means that the agencies always work with up-to-date data, which improves the topicality and quality of their data.


Project period01.07.2008 - 31.08.2009

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