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Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

The first task in the project is to implement an error message in the event of an incorrect entry of currency transactions. The second task is the specification for modification of an OPS, which hedges the exchange rate risk upon posting of certain deals in foreign currency: if the deal is changed, the FX transactions must also be adjusted. It should also be possible to create a manual foreign exchange hedge for a transaction.


To implement the task, an operation service is set up and an AVS pre-process script is written so the operation service is activated when processing the transaction. Before saving entries, the script checks entries and, if necessary, it stops the saving and issues an error message. The basis for the second task is an operation service that calls a script that determines and posts the required currency transactions. This is expanded with deals that have been cancelled or changed. The script checks which steps are necessary and performs them accordingly.

Subject description

Spot rates are incorrectly used as the basis for currency transactions for a future day that are entered in Endur as "spot" transactions. The operation service recognizes incorrect entries and issues a warning message, as well as the recommendation for the deal, instead of selecting "Spot" "Outright". The second task involves hedging risks: Completing a transaction in foreign currency creates a currency risk, resulting from exchange rate fluctuations. For this reason, already-implemented mechanisms are used to complete future currency transactions that hedge future cash flows. When a transaction is cancelled, the corresponding currency transactions must be offset with reverse currency transactions. If a transaction is changed, the corresponding currency transactions must be adjusted. This is done by offsetting the old currency transactions using reverse currency transactions and creating new ones that match the current version of the transaction.


Project period01.04.2010 - 30.04.2010

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