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Optimizing business processes for analytical purposes

Project duration: 5 months

Brief description

The "integrated deal list" for natural gas deals includes deals from the Endur trading system and external deals from the customer's trading platform. The project includes eliminating errors from the user test, optimizing the function modules used and a programmatic expansion of the process for loading files to the SAP BW system.


The application collects data for transactions (deals) from two energy trading platforms that the customer uses, and makes this data available to users for analytical purposes.

Subject description

The task of the deal list is to consolidate deals by means of the master data key onto a shared procurement basis consisting of the business unit (company), product, hub and broker. The procedure works on the basis of comparisons / matches of names (broker, trading center, hub, product). The following key figures are displayed: daily volume, overall volume, price, number of supply days. The key figures are displayed by means of the characteristics: trading center, product, indicator, trading partner I, trading partner II, broker ID, broker's deal number, trader's deal number, trading day, start date, maturity date, broker's time, trader's time, etc.


Project period01.05.2008 - 30.09.2008

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