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Image: Projectpicture for industry insurance

Business analysis of document view and worklist for contract and claim/benefit

For the provision of services in the area of private medical cost insurance, documents submitted by the clerks must be processed in the same way as doctor's invoices. The document list, the document navigation bar, and the worklist (journal) offer the clerks a specialized form of display, which compiles and displays in a structured manner all the documents required for fast processing of a business transaction.

Image: Projectpicture for industry banking

Prototype for processing electronic balance sheets for customer rating

Within the scope of lending for companies, their annual financial statements are used to calculate credit terms. Beginning with the 2012 financial statement, annual accounts must be submitted to tax authorities by means of the electronic XBRL format in accordance with §5b EStG . For loan processing, these financial statements have so far been created electronically, printed out, sent to the bank and then entered again manually in the bank.