Image: Projectpicture for industry aerospace technology

Recording and tracking component defects in production

A new web application is created for a manufacturer of components for aircraft construction, in order to document and track defects in delivered components and own components. Business processes are supported across multiple departments. The application provides a flexible task system within the recorded defect reports in order to initiate the steps needed to process the defects. The application provides the basis for enhanced evaluations. The new intranet application replaces the existing manual process in paper form or with MS Access.

Image: Projectpicture for industry health care

Standardized data management by web page and interfaces

Conceptual design, including cost estimate, implementation and introduction of a web page and multiple specialist applications for managing and publishing individual quotations in the care area following the requirements of "Zweites Pflegestärkungsgesetz (PSG II)". The aim is to create IT-supported standardization. The client-capable application operates as a multi-user system and takes regional-specific administration structures into account both for user management and quotation maintenance.

Image: Projectpicture for industry energy

Support of administrative applications in power plants (2018)

Support and further development of a large number of existing IT applications for managing a power plant in the area of individual software development. The applications in the form of desktop / intranet frontends, data transfer interfaces and (web) service applications support organizational and business administration processes. The primary customer benefit is the harmonization/consolidation of the application landscape outside SAP and technical management as well as the use of uniform, quality-assured data sources.

Image: Projectpicture for industry consulting

survey tool for priorization & weighting multiple Dimensions within a Make or Buy desicion process

To avoid the cumbersome priorization and weighting of dimensions by their clients during the make or buy desicion process and to prevent the coming along reduction of validity of the extracted results we facilitated this inefficient and time consuming step within the MoB - Process. Through the simplifying process the amount of information is reduced while the focus is sharpened to the current question. To meet this goal the PTA implemented a webservice with standard internet technologies, hosted at the clients website as a subdomain. This forced reduction of complexity at user perception level enables a higher number of items comparing with each other without any loss validity by increasing of client engagement at the same time. This leads into a higher reliability in their analysis results as before.