Success Story: Neu-Isenburg Public Utilities

Customised CRM system for efficient, sustainable communication

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Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg
There is an excellent address for electricity, natural gas and water in Neu-Isenburg: the Neu-Isenburg public utilities. And that for 120 years. The company is also responsible for municipal bus transport – as well as the Neu-Isenburg forest swimming pool, which is one of the most popular in the Rhine-Main area.

Full customer focus - thanks to digitalisation

Digitisation also opens up excellent opportunities for local energy suppliers. Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg is therefore designing its digital transformation together with the experts from PTA GmbH. Digitalisation offers particular advantages in customer management. Take solar contracting, for example: The municipal utilities lease complete solar systems – particularly practical for owners of detached or semi-detached houses who want to generate their own electricity.
Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg also wants to make its customer management more transparent and efficient with digital applications such as a CRM (customer relationship management) system. The main goal: full focus on the customers and their needs.

From concept to finished system

Good communication is transparent and sustainable – especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. For this reason, every contact between sales and technology with customers and solar energy companies must be traceable in solar contracting as well – and this over contract periods of up to 20 years. In a kick-off workshop, employees of Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg therefore expressed their wishes for the new CRM system.
Particularly valuable: the opinion of the “practitioners” who are to work with the new system every day. In an event storming session they contributed their ideas and developed a template for an optimally adapted CRM together with the experts from PTA.

CRM: Sustainable and efficient Communication

On the basis of the workshop, the PTA designed and implemented a CRM system that makes the entire sales process for solar contracting comprehensible, right up to installation. The new system

  • standardises the processes and
  • maps all communication with customers and solar installers centrally and transparently.

In the future, Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg will also offer other contracting models in addition to solar energy. For this reason, the new CRM system has a modular design and can easily integrate additional processes. Depending on the service, further requirements or specifications can be taken into account in the process.

Ready for the digital future

With this project, Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg is using the potential of digitisation for its customer management comprehensively and optimally. The new system, which is already actively in use, makes communication with technicians and customers easier and more transparent – and the municipal utilities can concentrate on the needs of their customers. The next step planned is heat contracting.

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“We can serve our customers even better in the future.”

“As municipal utilities, we are at the forefront of the energy turnaround in Neu-Isenburg. Digitalisation offers great potential for this, as can be seen in our new CRM system. The solution, which we developed together with PTA, makes communication transparent and comprehensible – and therefore makes our work much easier. This will enable us to provide our customers with even better long-term support and sustainable assistance in the future.”

Kirk Reineke, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg GmbH

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