Test management – Reduce your risks and increase the stability of your products and services

Test management includes all activities for planning and controlling of test activities. For a task as complex as testing software, a defined process should be applied – the so-called fundamental test process (see infographics). This process is run through several times within a project (e.g. for integration and system testing).

The stringent application of this process by the test manager from the beginning of the project is an important element for the successful project implementation and for the creation of a high-quality software product. Moreover, in large projects, effective test management is only possible through the use of suitable tools/tools.

Benefit from our extensive experience in the field of test management when implementing your projects.

How we approach test management

The fundamental test process

We advise and support you in all test management tasks, e.g.:

  • Identification of project risks and selection of the appropriate test strategy
  • Planning of all necessary test activities (resources, budget, skills etc.)
  • Determination of the test procedures to be applied depending on the quality characteristics and project-specific risks
  • Selection of suitable tools and instruments to support the test process
  • Definition and continuous application of metrics to monitor test activities and the test process
  • Continuous progress control incl. error management
  • Completion of test activities and handover (e.g. to maintenance)

Advantages of test management

Optimal use of your resources

Through professional test management, the available project resources are optimally used for the implementation of quality assurance measures and tests.

High transparency

The test activities provide continuous information on the progress and status of the development activities and the quality of the product to be delivered.

Reduced costs

The early detection of errors in the software or specification defects prior to release and delivery or use of the software significantly reduces costs.

Improved support and maintenance

Well-documented tests and test results facilitate the further development of existing software and ongoing support measures (e.g. defined regression tests after urgent corrections to productive software).

Reduced risk

A systematic testing process significantly reduces the risk of overlooking defects or deficiencies in the software.

Our experience – how our customers benefit from test management

As an IT consulting company with 50 years of experience, PTA has many years of expertise in software testing. Our customers include medium-sized and large companies from various industries. A small selection of projects is referenced below. In our publicly accessible project database you will find further projects for test management.

Further references on test management can be found in our project database.

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