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It is no longer possible to avoid the digital transformation. Not only the use of new technologies is crucial for the success of transformation, but also whether companies are able to rethink their respective business models with the help of these tools. In a world in which the market power of the consumer is greater than ever before, those who put their customers first and know their needs, wishes and situational requirements will be successful. Customers have high expectations of transparent processes and fast communication. Today, companies can only meet these demands with intelligent, IT-supported processes. Digital pioneers offer their customers solutions with a unique experience.

Become a digital pioneer. With us.

What we are good at

The digitalisation of business models and processes is an essential element in meeting increased customer expectations. We support you in this by examining your business model with regard to digitalisation and technology-based transformation.

IT cloud business platforms are the basis for digital business models and processes, and give you the opportunity to successfully follow the path of digital change. In the course of digital transformation, several factors must be taken into account that are crucial for success:

  • Are employees ready for digital change?
  • What additional business models can be realised with IT cloud business platforms?
  • Are the company’s strategic orientation in line with the planned changes?
  • Is the business case valid and does it include not only new sales potential, but also the costs that arise for supporting the platform?
  • Are the individual processes that constitute your competitive advantage optimally mapped?
  • What is the right IT platform? Which one fits your requirement criteria?

Your benefits

We advise you on the selection of the IT cloud business platform, on the design and implementation of a sustainable architecture that connects customers, suppliers and partners. In doing so, we always take into account the specifics of the individual business processes.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the entire portfolio of cloud platforms. We always focus on flexibility, feasibility and step-by-step implementation – in line with your budget planning and a validated business case.

Your digital strategy

Implementation of novel business models
on the platform ("Speedboats")

Proximity and real-time communication with
the customers and business partners

of device data (IoT)

Collection, recycling and incorporation
of data into the processes

Machine learning
and use AI services

Engineering Solutions

The production of physical devices is no longer a unique selling point. As a result, many equipment manufacturers seek direct access to the customer to provide additional services and a comprehensive experience. Data is the raw material of the future. Simple things are becoming intelligent devices capable of communicating and developing new business models. The speed and intelligence with which companies develop and sell new products with services will play a key role in this process. The future therefore belongs to companies that are agile, customer-oriented and data-based.

New digital products

Efficient digital processes

Better customer retention

Expansion of market share

Financial Services

Numerous factors favour the current upheaval within the industry. In addition to constant competitive pressure, the low interest rate environment, new regulations and demographic developments, digitisation is a real opportunity for many providers to increase their own share of a market that is hardly growing at all. Whether digitisation is successful depends largely on whether companies can offer their customers a comprehensive customer experience. Customers of financial service providers are demanding new solutions ever faster.

New digital productsFully automated "just in time" issuing of applications

high level experience

Expansion of market share

Customer Service

Consistent and seamless service inspires customers. Consistent service across all channels is expected today. Customers want to decide when and where they interact with companies. The challenge for companies is to meet these expectations in order to retain customers in the long term.
Therefore, employees need a 360-degree view of customers with data from sales, marketing and service, as well as product data from smart devices (IoT).

Seamless Customer Journey

Efficient digital service processes

Better customer retention

Better customer retention

We know the market leaders of IT cloud business platforms and
have coined the term Digital Business Platform

As a consistent implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept, digital business platforms merge the relevant business applications from all areas of the company and merge all available data streams into a company-wide data pool (Data Lake, Big Data).

The digital business platform is supplemented by additional micro services, such as data stream analyses via the so-called IoT Hub, predictive maintenance, deep learning algorithms (artificial intelligence), speech recognition, geo-localisation, etc. This increases the flexibility of the systems as well as the possibilities for a holistic approach.

The different platform providers show that you have significantly improved your flexibility in terms of size, complexity and openness. A further asset in this context is the integration of suppliers, customers and other business partners. By mapping numerous or, as far as possible, all relevant systems, all providers now offer companies the opportunity to obtain a 360-degree view of their customers and their own company. On the cost side, almost all manufacturers of digital business platforms have attractive models that are geared to the number of users. The operation takes place mainly in the cloud, so that complex on-premise installations are not necessary.

Through our high competence in interfaces, implementations with all major manufacturers and numerous individual software projects, PTA is your ideal partner, both in the implementation and objective consideration of opportunities and risks, as well as in unavoidable updates and manufacturer loyalty.

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An overview of the market leaders in IT cloud enterprise platforms

Thanks to our extensive implementation experience and expertise, we can offer you comprehensive advice on the advantages and disadvantages of digital business platforms.

Your roadmap for the digital transformation

Determining the status of the digital
Maturity of a company

By determining the digital performance and digital readiness of your company, a 360° analysis of the entire digital spectrum is created. This makes the internal readiness for digitalisation and the effectiveness of all customer-oriented digital marketing, sales and service activities transparent.

& need for change

For business areas with digitisation potential, both the respective status quo of the degree of maturity and the company-specific need for change are determined. The insights gained are documented and appropriate recommendations for digitisation measures are made.

Action Plan
& cost indication

This is followed by the Action Plan, which we develop together with our customers. The Action Plan includes an initial cost indication and a possible timeline. It serves as a basis for the start of individual projects for the respective areas, which are then accompanied by a superior digital coaching team.


In addition to flexibility, openness, integration capability and security, there are further company-specific requirements for a digital business platform, which we define together with our customers – based on their digital strategy and future digital business processes.

Evaluation criteria & prioritisation

Criteria are also defined, evaluated and prioritised in consultation with the respective customer. Not only monetary key figures such as costs, profit or profitability are taken into account when selecting a suitable digital business platform, but also qualitative factors.

objective evaluation

The available alternatives of suitable Digital Business Platforms are then evaluated according to the weighted criteria. At the end of the research, the customer receives an evaluation matrix with which he can objectively select a suitable Digital Business Platform.

Development of the necessary individualisation requirements

Together we develop the necessary individual components that go beyond the high functional density of the market-leading business platforms and thus optimally support a company-specific business model.

Identification and integration
functions available on the market

The open platform architecture enables the easy integration of additional components available on the market. Their use is a decisive step towards individualisation of the overall solution. Examples are services for artificial intelligence, speech recognition, geolocation, weather services and many others.

Development of new functions
and integration of components

To complete an individualisation, we develop the software components, which can then be added to the overall solution in the form of microservices and apps.

Transition and transformation
existing legacy applications

Numerous, historically grown and proprietary legacy applications slow down the digital transformation of a company. They were often developed at a time when cloud computing was not yet an issue. The PTA has specialised in the replacement and transformation of these systems into modern digital platforms.

Master data &
Transaction Data Migration

Consistent data and the elimination of duplicates are just some of the advantages of digital business platforms. This requires a correct migration of transaction data into the target system. PTA has decades of experience with the transaction of data from different source systems. This know-how has been implemented in numerous customer projects.

Security, data protection
and user role concept

In the context of digitisation and the transformation of existing applications, security concepts are of essential importance. Since many customers often process core processes in the digital platforms, the design, implementation and compliance with all current security standards prescribed for the respective industries is a fundamental component of PTA services.

Creation of
Free space for IT

By shifting the operation of the most important software applications to the cloud, the IT department has less to worry about routine tasks and can, for example, make the most important settings and adjustments via a cloud admin console. This creates the freedom to develop new business models and build competitive advantage.

Coaching Team

We recommend the establishment of a team that accompanies digitisation independently of hierarchical levels. We will provide you with experienced consultants for in-house coaching and internal communication or marketing of all digitisation activities.


Due to the high degree of impact of the digital transformation on the digital business platform, enormous demands are placed on implementation quality and risk minimisation. Our quality assurance ensures suitable security and data protection concepts, as well as back-up procedures that guarantee high availability and efficiency.


The requirements for digital business platforms are professionally accompanied by PTA from the initial project idea to productive operation and compliance is permanently monitored. Certified requirement engineers and business analysts keep the interests of stakeholders and business processes in view at all times and thus support digital value creation.

Realisation &

Thanks to experienced architects, developers and administrators, the new platform becomes a tailor-made solution for the respective company. It is based on the latest technologies and enables the core competencies of the respective company to be highlighted and differentiated from competitors through individually created applications.

Project –

Expert project managers and coaches from PTA support the customers with a project approach adapted to their specific needs. Project management does not end with the “go live”, but implements project results in ongoing operating and support processes.

Support processes
according to ITIL V3

In addition to implementing the technology, maintaining ongoing IT operations is the key element for a modern, digital company. We work according to proven processes with qualified employees, both at the service desk and in change management. An accompanying Continuous Service Improvement – a continuous improvement of service – permanently optimises support processes and provides assistance in case of problems.


A service manager specifically responsible for the respective customer defines the appropriate services from the PTA service catalogue in cooperation with the company. Not only are individually suitable service processes defined, but also the time period in which the service must be available. Monthly reports on compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) provide the necessary transparency.

Application Life
Cycle Management

From the experience of the support staff and from other project initiatives, the requirements for professional change management result. In close cooperation with a Change Advisory Board, we define new releases and updates of the applications together with you. The aim is the permanent optimisation of user-friendliness and increased performance of the applications so that the digital added value grows.

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