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The production of physical devices is no longer a unique selling point. As a result, many equipment manufacturers seek direct access to the customer to provide additional services and a comprehensive experience. Data is the raw material of the future. Simple things are becoming intelligent devices capable of communicating and developing new business models. The speed and intelligence with which companies develop and sell new products with services will play a key role in this process. The future therefore belongs to companies that are agile, customer-oriented and data-based.


Producing companies often have no direct access to the end customer and thus no knowledge about his behaviour and no possibilities to gain further insights

Data and processes are sealed off from the customer in our own IT systems

Data comes from different proprietary systems and is not networked

Data analysis is hampered by variations in the number of parameters

The derivation of measures to increase service quality is problematic

Solution approaches

Creating significant added value through digitisation and AI

Intelligent linking of IoT scenarios, data analysis and process management

IT cloud enterprise platform as framework for the entire IT

Use Cases

Intelligent power distribution – Digital asset management

All technical components (energy supplier to consumer) are digitally recorded with their necessary characteristics. The module enables the user to digitally manage, inventory and disposition of technical installations. In addition, it supports the execution of necessary electrical tests during commissioning or maintenance.

Digitisation in the field of management, measurement, analysis, optimisation and monitoring

Stock Transparency

Efficiency in the management and deployment planning of technical installations

Utilisation optimisation

Efficiency through support for mandatory audits

RTD savings on inventory and control

Digitised inventory, which is equipped with maintenance in stage 2

Intelligent electricity distribution – planning, simulation and monitoring of electricity distribution networks

Projects and the associated electricity distribution networks can be created and managed. Using a “Graphical Editor”, the electricity distribution networks can still be graphically planned, created and simulated under the calculated electricity load distribution and utilisation. The respective and general system statuses are monitored via an IoT connection. At the same time the data is collected and evaluated. The knowledge gained flows continuously into the planning and operation of electricity distribution networks, which enables an increase in process efficiency and cost savings.

Uniform and complete planning documentation

Time, monetary and qualitative efficiency in planning

Avoiding planning errors

Eliminate manual activities

Collecting, processing and evaluating data

Transferability to other industries with similar challenges

22% savings
in service costs

AR app for displaying product components, device sensor data (IoT) and the associated documentation

Development of a mobile app that can visually identify products in different ways. After successful identification, component characteristics from the CRM backend are displayed in the live image. Via an IoT connection, the measured values of the device sensors are displayed in real time. A link provides direct access to the graphical representation of the network in the CRM user front-end.

Higher efficiency of service processes using Augmented Reality and OCR

Digitalisation in the fields of repair, maintenance, electrical testing

Mobile assistance through End2End connections

Introduction of sales, support and asset management with connection to device information (IoT), billing systems and all customer touch points

Creation of a central cloud business platform for decentralised, self-sufficient energy supply solutions. This serves the digitalisation of business processes, the administration of (end) customers’ energy plants, as well as a control centre for all important processes in energy management. From the initiation of business (gaining a lead), order processing (installation of the system) and system support with billing, all processes are mapped. With the help of a connection of the IoT device data via a cloud gateway, the information is used to trigger automatically generated business processes in the service.

Central cloud enterprise platform for the digitalisation of business processes

Complete transparency and control of the installed energy systems and their production data

Availability of the software (SaaS) for third parties (white label approach)

IoT data streams to trigger business processes

Consideration of all customer touch points (web portal, sales app, consumer app for charge control)

Central Cloud-
Business platform

Organisational transformation

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