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CRM and ERP on one platform? This is possible with Dynamics 365. The intelligent processing of data makes it easier for you to gain proactive insights to accelerate your business processes. By unifying the data, you gain predictable insights and can achieve remarkable results.

Make smarter decisions. Take action that drives your business forward. The potential is within your company. Understand your business and be successful! As a globally networked cloud, Dynamics 365 will support you in this.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines apps for essential operational procedures and processes such as sales, marketing and customer service. Dynamics 365 supports marketing in identifying potential new customers, increases the efficiency of sales (Sales) and customer service (Service), optimises field service and enables centrally controlled project management (Project Service Automation). The applications are all seamlessly integrated into Office 365 and can easily interact with tools such as Power Apps (low code approach), Power Automate and Azure development tools.

News about current releases


The new Dynamics 365 Commerce solution provides a complete, all-channel solution that combines back-office, in-store and digital experiences to personalise customer engagement, increase employee productivity, streamline workflows and deliver better business results. Existing Dynamics 365 Retail customers can upgrade to Commerce as it becomes available.

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Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is replaced by Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The new application will be available from October 2020 and the preview is expected for June 2020.

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Major changes to the Team Member Licensing. Team Members will only be able to access selected apps in the future.

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Overview of the modules

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales supports you in building stronger customer relationships. You can achieve this by giving your sales staff tools that help them in their daily work and relieve them of the burden.
By process optimisation or automation using workflows, the employee is supported in the creation and administration of offers, lead management or sales opportunity management (forecast). In addition to mapping the standard sales processes from classic CRM, transparent communication with the customer across all channels is guaranteed. This also allows other people to evaluate sales opportunities and the customer situation.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is rounded off by dashboards, which enable both individualised evaluations and an overall view of sales opportunities, sales potential and sales efficiency.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing supports you in developing a suitable marketing approach to your prospects and customers with the aim of optimising the cooperation between marketing, sales and service.
Get a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects and let your customers go through a seamless customer journey.
With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, automated email campaigns can be created, executed and personalised campaigns enabled. The app provides a dedicated event management area for planning, executing and follow-up on events. Functions such as landing pages, web forms, web tracking and analyses are also available

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Customers today expect consistent service across all channels. Companies must meet these expectations if they are not to lose customers to the competition. The challenges of customer service are consistent service performance, profitability and continuous follow-up business. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables you to provide your customers with the seamless service they expect. This is done by providing your customer with information in the right place at the right time. The customer of today informs himself. Provide self-service and community portals to support the growing target group of customers. Does your customer today not know that he wants to use a certain service tomorrow? Enable your customer to provide proactive customer service with Service Intelligence.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Free your company from the “paper economy” and from inefficient processing of service orders. Use Dynamics 365 for Field Service to consolidate data. Deliver the right information at the right time and help your service management succeed.
On-site customer service is effective and economical with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Service cases become strategic advantages. The solution offers you everything your team needs – from optimised resource planning to preventive maintenance functions. The complete processing of service orders can be mapped within Dynamics 365 – from recording service requirements to scheduling service technicians to final invoicing.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Get your project business in shape and stand out from the competition. Consolidate people, processes and technologies to better manage your project service.

Map your project-specific processes, from opportunity to invoice. With service functions for the project business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation provides a central platform for project orders, resource planning, implementation, time and travel expense management and invoicing.

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