Customer attention through mobile experiences

Mobile devices such as smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life. As a media channel, these devices are the most widely used today and are the most important means of information retrieval and communication. Paper is increasingly being replaced by digital content – this applies to newspapers, magazines, photos, maps or notes.

Technology is constantly changing, evolving and offering new ways of interacting with users. Due to the permanent availability of digital media on mobile phones, tablets or notebooks, users stay on these devices and search for new entertainment possibilities.

With innovative ideas and the appropriate implementation, you can exploit the mobile potential and expand your customer segment. Reach your target group where their attention lingers – on the mobile devices!

With regard to the constant changes in technology and user behaviour, the following questions will occupy you:

  • Are you aware of the potential and do you want to develop a corresponding app that will inspire your customers?
  • Do you want to address your customer segment and do you share our view that innovative technologies can help you achieve a breakthrough?
  • Are you interested in information about the possibilities of today’s app development?
  • Do you want to share your stories, knowledge and information with your customers – preferably interactive and mobile?
  • Do you want to provide your customers with exactly the right information at the right time directly on their smart phones while on the road or at your trade fair stand?
  • Do you have individual requirements and would like to have these implemented?

Work with us to develop your forward-looking, exciting ideas that will inspire customers to use their mobile devices!

PTA supports you in the development of your individual application, from analysis to implementation and maintenance – efficiently, cost-effectively and adapted to your needs.

Making content tangible – mobile, local and interactive

Sharing targeted, attractively prepared information with the customer at the right time and in the right place triggers enthusiasm. Interactive storytelling and gamification – with the help of the PTA GeoEngine – offers this possibility. Profit from the innovative PTA GeoEngine in-house development and integrate it into your application.

The innovative, mobile technology enables

  • to create exciting, attractive customer experiences,
  • share exciting information material at the right place – location-based – and make it tangible for the customer
  • conduct targeted customer guidance in your sales shop, exhibition stand, branch office or property

Take a look at one of our products based on the GeoEngine ( The versatile GeoEngine offers countless other applications:


Media houses


Valuable archive content should be prepared and used. Provide the customer with this historical or current information in which he is currently interested - for example about the building in front of him or the place where he is staying.

Events & Meetings


Enrich open-air events, city festivals or sporting events with location-dependent information - all mobile on the smartphone. Inspire visitors with information about the next highlights, the line-up, nearby culinary options, historical background, upcoming events or provide trade fair visitors with specific stand information.

Leisure & Activities


Nature parks, national parks, wilderness parks, zoos or museums - give visitors an even more attractive experience. Educate visitors about the current behaviour of the animals or the stocks, automatically display more information about the work of art in front of them, or explain the rules in specific rooms.



Easy introduction to the office or campus environment? Location-dependent information provides the solution! As a hospital, you can guide patients to their destination according to rules and location or you can display the form to be filled in directly. A move to a new region or community involves a lot of effort - help the new citizen with a digital signpost and make your company even more efficient.



GeoEngine enables travel providers, travel guides or city guides to use completely new ways of customer communication. Create an interactive world of experience, for example a treasure hunt, exciting, interactive travel routes or interactive guides enriched with text, images, sound and video.

Retail trade


Place targeted advertising, depending on the location of the customer in the shop or allow the customer to receive further product information by simply tagging. Guide the customer specifically through the shopping centre, for example by using a selected recipe or the personal shopping list. Create interactive and exciting events and competitions, inspire your customers and bind them to your company.

Your benefits

Increasing attractiveness

Increasing attractiveness

  • Use of new mobile technology increases the uniqueness of your company
  • Innovative, location-dependent display of content and media triggers enthusiasm among your customers

Expanding the customer segment

Expanding the customer segment

  • Additional media channels open up new markets
  • With audience-oriented information processing you can reach new customer groups – for example “digital natives”.

Increase of customer loyalty

Increase of customer loyalty

  • Targeted and customer-oriented information increases customer satisfaction
  • Interactive events increase customer identification with your company
  • Satisfaction and identification in turn increases customer loyalty

Increased sales opportunities

Increased sales opportunities

  • The right information or advertising at the right time and location demonstrably increases sales

Experience and competence of the PTA

Individual app development

  • We are specialised in developing individual solutions, tailored to your needs efficiently and cost-effectively.
    Our experience, our collection of module-based libraries and innovative technologies enable us to implement targeted, fast and robust applications, so that you can take your business one step further into the future.

Complete solution from PTA

  • From analysis and conception, design and development to operation and maintenance – we accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of the application.
    We skilfully use the necessary tools such as prototypes, agile development, test procedures or beta testing.
    Customer-oriented support enables us to implement your projects quickly and easily.

Native apps, multi-platform applications or hybrid apps

  • Whether in the development of native apps (i.e. platform dependent applications such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone), web-based multi-platform applications or hybrid apps: We develop the application exactly according to your requirements.

Usability and accessibility

  • In addition to the core development of the apps, user-friendliness and accessibility are particularly important elements for an enthusiastic customer experience – the PTA demonstrates both competencies in-house.

We focus on the solution rather than the technology.

Your content is worth being experienced by the customers!

Discuss your ideas or concerns with us in an initial meeting – free of charge and without obligation.