Cloud solutions

Cloud computing is also finding more and more supporters and customers in German-speaking countries, as it offers a high degree of flexibility for both developers and users, who also appreciate the associated advantage of mobility.

We understand cloud as delocalised, elastic, scalable computing capacity, which we use for the development and support of customer applications. In doing so, we observe our principle of vendor independence by using cloud capacities of different providers.

In the SaaS (Software as a Service) area, the current focus is on CRM systems, whereby we offer our services for the products of the three currently most important software manufacturers SAP with C4C (Cloud for Customer), Microsoft with Dynamics CRM 365 and Salesforce.

In PaaS (Platform as a Service) we can draw on experience with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (e.g. in the provision and use of SAP test systems) and especially the Cloud Foundry, which is used as a basis for many manufacturers (e.g. also SAP). This know-how enables us to support our customers efficiently, especially in digitisation and IoT (Internet of Things) projects.

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