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PTA GmbH Management Consulting has been supporting customers in organisational and information technology projects since 1969. From the project idea to conception and development to implementation and support, our approximately 450 employees in the PTA Group are at your side as a competent partner. As a family-owned company independent of the capital market and manufacturers, we can always act in the best interests of our clients.
We provide on-site support for our customers from various industries at 12 locations in Germany and Switzerland, ensuring reliable, responsive and cost-effective services.
Our long-standing customers include large companies and international corporations, and rollout projects in the national subsidiaries are also supervised by our employees.
We take care of the introduction and support of CRM, ERP and industry systems as well as the development of individual software in the leading development environments.

The CRM Kick-Start in 6 steps:

Qualification of the actors

You determine the criteria and priorities. We bring the method with us and know the strengths of the providers. You decide on one of the market leaders.

Warm-up phase

Within a short time a system will be ready for you to start the test operation.

Precise targets

In a workshop we will jointly determine which sample process you would like to use for the evaluation. We map this business process using configuration in the CRM system.

Preparation for the start

You fill our predefined data sheets with your customer data. We import the data into the CRM system so that you can test in your data context.

Accompanying coaching

We train your selected test team and get you successfully to the start. Our coach will support your team during the agreed test period

Evaluation and feedback

Together we evaluate the test and discuss the next steps.

Our competencies:

Mobile First

Your users urgently need mobile solutions? Our experts “mobilise” all process-supporting data and functions in the areas of sales, service, marketing and social.


You put more into it than you get out? KPI’s and reports are necessary corporate management tools. We ensure that you have the right key figures and that you know where you are profitable.

Document Management

You work with network drives to store documents? We integrate process-related filing systems into your CRM system by means of DMS, so that you can find the offer in the quotation.


Your IT landscape is complex, only your CRM system doesn’t know that? Our integration specialists connect the important data flows with your CRM system, so that your ERP system knows when a customer address has changed.


You have many data records in your previous CRM system and therefore do not want to enter the new CRM world? We migrate your data cost-effectively and reliably so that you can quickly and easily access the new digital world.

Service Management

Your customers already get premium service, but the price is too high? Our experts will help you to improve your internal and external service processes through optimal use of software.

Sales & Marketing

You need both – more transparency and more efficiency in your sales processes? Our CRM consultants work with you to develop the best possible user guidance through your sales and marketing process.

Lead Management

Does your trade fair appearance involve a lot of manual work for the sales staff? We help you to make your lead capture and processing faster and more effective – from business card scanning to evaluation and writing letters to prospective customers.

Calculation of quotations

Do you still consider a quotation calculation to be real craftsmanship? With the help of our specialists you can automate the preparation of quotations in many areas – and concentrate on the approval process.

Customer Experience

Do you want to improve your customer experience? Our experts in the areas of sales, service, marketing and social media will work with you to optimise all important areas.


Does digitisation mean more to you than storing a photo electronically? Then you should talk to our analysts about process analysis and business process modelling (BPM) – together we will discover optimisation potential and implement it.

Master Data

Some customers appear several times in your system? From fuzzy searches and duplicate cleansing to the merging of duplicate data records – data quality is our speciality.

Customer reviews:

Our declared corporate objective is to make your operational processes more effective by designing and implementing innovative solutions and to be available to you as a professional and reliable partner in the long term.

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