We create the basis for the digital transformation of your company: The new dimension of individual software

Digitisation has affected all sectors and all companies. Digital business platforms are the ideal basis for successfully pursuing the path of digital change. They standardize the IT infrastructure and make the entire organization with all departments faster, more flexible and more intelligent. In the course of a digital transformation, several factors must be taken into account that are crucial for success:

  • Are employees ready for digital change?
  • What additional business models can be realised with digital business platforms?
  • Are the company’s strategic orientation in line with the planned changes?
  • Is the business case valid and does it include not only new sales potentials but also the costs that arise for supporting the platform?
  • Are the individual processes that constitute your competitive advantage optimally mapped?

PTA supports you in all aspects. We advise you on the design of a sustainable architecture that connects customers, suppliers and partners, while taking into account the specifics of individual company processes. Our experts have sound know-how in the entire portfolio of digital platforms. They know what real competitive advantage these platforms offer in the various industries and which platforms have reached market maturity. We always focus on flexibility, feasibility and a step-by-step implementation – in line with your budget planning and a validated business case.

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Our understanding of digital business platforms

As a consistent implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept, digital business platforms merge the relevant business applications from all areas of the company and merge all available data streams into a company-wide data pool (Data Lake, Big Data).

The Digital Business Platform is supplemented by additional MicroServices, such as data stream analyses via the so-called IoT Hub, Predictive Maintenance, Deep Learning Algorithms (Artifical Intelligence), speech recognition, geo-localisation and many other services available on the Internet. This increases the flexibility of the systems and the possibilities for a holistic view.

The different platform providers show that you have significantly improved your flexibility to meet different requirements in terms of size, complexity and openness. Further assets in this context is the integration of business partners, such as suppliers and customers. By mapping numerous or, if possible, all relevant systems, all providers now offer companies the opportunity to obtain a 360 degree view of their customers and their own company. On the cost side, almost all manufacturers of digital business platforms have attractive models that are geared to the number of users. The operation takes place mainly in the cloud, so that complex on-premise installations are not necessary. Through our high competence in interfaces, implementations with all major manufacturers and numerous individual software projects, the PTA is your ideal partner in the implementation and in the objective consideration of opportunities and risks, such as unavoidable updates and manufacturer loyalty.

Why is NOW the right time?

German Cloud

The security of your data according to German data protection concepts is guaranteed by all manufacturers of digital business platforms or outsourced to German data centre operators. PTA also offers this service through its German subsidiary DATIS with customised services for individual housing, hosting, IT outsourcing and EDI.


The investment costs are flexible for all platform providers. With some providers, the system can be put into operation simply by point-and-click. With the APIs and tools for application development you can integrate existing systems very quickly and updates or upgrades are characterised by short cycles. Furthermore, “pay per use” models are also offered.

Computing power

Moore’s rule of thumb is still being confirmed for computer performance and there is no end in sight. Therefore, there are no limits to the evaluation of data in all orders of magnitude. The interpretation of the data and the correct conclusions are part of the services that the PTA can offer you with the DBP+.


All manufacturers offer additional services for the digital business platforms. Here the PTA can provide you with decisive support. We pay attention to the tactics of small steps, so that your organisation and your employees do not come up against limits with the numerous changes on the way through the digital transformation.

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Your roadmap for the digital transformation

Status determination of the digital maturity of a company

By determining the digital performance and digital readiness of your company, a 360° analysis of the entire digital spectrum is created. This makes the internal readiness for digitalisation and the effectiveness of all customer-oriented digital marketing, sales and service activities transparent.

Assessment & need for change

For business areas with digitisation potential, both the respective status quo of the degree of maturity and the company-specific need for change are determined. The insights gained are documented and appropriate recommendations for digitisation measures are made.

Action Plan & Cost Indication

This is followed by the Action Plan, which we develop together with our customers. The Action Plan includes an initial cost indication and a possible timeline. It serves as a basis for the start of individual projects for the respective areas, which are then accompanied by a superior digital coaching team.

Record requirements

In addition to flexibility, openness, integration capability and security, there are further company-specific requirements for a digital business platform, which we define together with our customers – based on their digital strategy and future digital business processes.

Customer-specific evaluation & need for change

For business areas with digitisation potential, both the respective status quo of the degree of maturity and the company-specific need for change are determined. The insights gained are documented and appropriate recommendations for digitisation measures are made.

Quantified objective assessment

The available alternatives of suitable Digital Business Platforms are then evaluated according to the weighted criteria. At the end of the research, the client receives an evaluation matrix with which he can objectively select a suitable Digital Business Platform.

Development of the necessary individualisation requirements

Together we develop the necessary individual components that go beyond the high functional density of the market-leading business platforms and thus optimally support a company-specific business model.

Identification and integration of functions available on the market

The open platform architecture enables the easy integration of additional components available on the market. Their use is a decisive step towards individualisation of the overall solution. Examples are services for artificial intelligence, speech recognition, geolocation, weather services and many others.

Development of new functions and integration of components

To complete an individualisation, we develop the software components, which can then be added to the overall solution in the form of microservices and apps.

Transition and transformation of existing legacy applications

Numerous, historically grown and proprietary legacy applications slow down the digital transformation of a company. They were often developed at a time when cloud computing was not yet an issue. The PTA has specialised in the replacement and transformation of these systems into modern digital platforms.

Master data & transaction data migration

Consistent data and the elimination of duplicates are just some of the advantages of digital business platforms. This requires a correct migration of transaction data into the target system. PTA has decades of experience with the transaction of data from different source systems. This know-how has been implemented in numerous customer projects.

Security, privacy and user role concept

Within the framework of digitisation and the transformation of existing applications, security concepts are of essential importance. Since many customers often process core processes in the digital platforms, the design, implementation and compliance with all current security standards prescribed for the respective industries is a fundamental component of PTA’s services.

Creation of free space for the IT

By shifting the operation of the most important software applications to the cloud, the IT department has less to worry about routine tasks and can, for example, make the most important settings and adjustments via a cloud admin console. This creates the freedom to develop new business models and build competitive advantage.

Digital Coaching Team

We recommend the establishment of a team that accompanies digitisation independently of hierarchical levels. We will provide you with experienced consultants for in-house coaching and internal communication or marketing of all digitisation activities.

Quality Assurance

Due to the high degree of impact of the digital transformation on the digital business platform, enormous demands are placed on implementation quality and risk minimisation. Our quality assurance ensures suitable security and data protection concepts, as well as back-up procedures that guarantee high availability and efficiency.

Requirements Engineering

The requirements for digital business platforms are professionally accompanied by PTA from the initial project idea to productive operation and compliance is permanently monitored. Certified requirement engineers and business analysts keep the interests of stakeholders and business processes in view at all times and thus support digital value creation.

Realisation & Implementation

Thanks to experienced architects, developers and administrators, the new platform becomes a tailor-made solution for the respective company. It is based on the latest technologies and enables the core competencies of the respective company to be highlighted and differentiated from competitors through individually created applications.

Project Management

Expert project managers and coaches from PTA support the customers with a project approach adapted to their specific needs. Project management does not end with the “go live”, but implements project results in ongoing operating and support processes.

Support processes according to ITIL V3

In addition to implementing the technology, maintaining ongoing IT operations is the key element for a modern, digital company. We work according to proven processes with qualified employees, both at the service desk and in change management. An accompanying Continuous Service Improvement – a continuous improvement of service – permanently optimises support processes and provides assistance in case of problems.


A service manager specifically responsible for the respective customer defines the appropriate services from the PTA service catalogue in cooperation with the company. Not only are individually suitable service processes defined, but also the time period in which the service must be available. Monthly reports on compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) provide the necessary transparency.

Application Life Cycle Management

From the experience of the support staff and from other project initiatives, the requirements for professional change management result. In close cooperation with a Change Advisory Board, we define new releases and updates of the applications together with you. The aim is the permanent optimisation of user-friendliness and increased performance of the applications, so that the digital added value grows.

Customer projects:

Our aim is to design and implement innovative solutions to make the processes in your company more effective and to stand by your side as a professional and reliable partner in the long term.

Introduction of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system for the sales processes in decentralised energy management in a private cloud environment Process analysis of the sales and service processes, fit-gap analysis, requirements analysis, customizing, development and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 in a private cloud environment from PTA. In addition to the standard functionalities, the CRM system includes customised automatic lead generation from the web portal for end customers, automatic contract object generation with device hierarchy, additional reminders, Word and mail merge templates, an extended offer editor, seamless integration in SharePoint and Outlook, connections to external systems for the automated transfer of customer data and the expansion to include additional clients (Child Business Unit).

Walther-Werke is a group of companies focusing on the development, production and distribution of CEE plug and socket devices, socket outlet combinations, industrial connectors, charging infrastructure for electromobility, power distributors and transformer stations. At the core of the strategic orientation are integrated systems that connect electrical consumers with the power supply network in the construction, leisure, industry and mobility sectors. The company is represented with products and services in all core markets worldwide.
As part of the digital transformation, the company is expanding its range of services to include a digital solution for Energy Management and Industry 4.0 – Intelligent Power Distribution (IPD) in addition to its product portfolio. With IPD, a wide range of functions can be mapped in a low-voltage distribution system. Essentially, this involves the management, measurement, analysis, optimisation and monitoring of power distribution systems. The solution thus provides users with full control of the low-voltage distribution via Internet browser or mobile devices. The core of the solution is a web-based application – the IPD portal – which will be successively supplemented or extended with functions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 will be introduced to network the areas involved in the acquisition and offer process. Sales processes will be supported in part with customer-specific extensions. The offer process, the management of the individual offer versions and other customer-related documents are integrated in MS SharePoint. Address data maintenance is quality assured via geocoding. Customer hierarchies are established. Further master data maintenance is mapped in the CRM standard. The sales process is fine-tuned to the specifics of the company. Sales staff and sales managers are given an overview of the current situation of offers and orders via dashboards.

The existing VBA module “Quotation Manager for generating quotation documents” will be replaced by the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with customer-specific extensions. The quotation process is supported by the generation of printable quotation documents and management of the individual quotation versions. Specific discount scales and other discount characteristics can be set in the quotations. Master data maintenance and marketing processes are mapped with the standard functions of MS Dynamics CRM. Sales staff and sales managers get an overview of the current situation of offers and orders via dashboards. The individual or team-related achievement of sales targets is also visualised in the dashboard.

Step One Workshop

We create the basis for the digital transformation of your company

In a one-day Step One workshop, we jointly identify the business processes that are most important for the successful digital transformation of your company. We analyse the maturity level of the current digital support and prioritise those processes which, in your view, are subject to high transformation pressure.

Following the workshop, our experts determine the support potential in the highest prioritised process and prepare an exemplary demo solution using a Digital Business Platform.

In a second appointment, we present our implementation proposal together with an effort and cost indication, draw up a schedule and discuss the next steps.

Have we aroused your interest?

Do you have questions, suggestions or are you interested in our offer? We will be pleased to contact you.

Our competence network

Organisation and IT projects are often complex and require cooperation with partners. That is why we work together with selected service providers in certain projects. PTA can also draw on the know-how of consultants and experts in a network of partner companies.

Cooperation with manufacturers of development and application systems is just as important for PTA, as this enables us to offer our customers a broad spectrum of experience and know-how and also enables us to react promptly to current developments in architectures and tools. Partnerships with the most important manufacturers ensure that we have access to current versions or beta versions and improved information paths for clarifying questions or technical problems.