Process Automation

SAP has always offered a simple job control for the system functions, which was already available in SAP R/3 and was transferred with the entire environment to other modules in addition to SAP ERP 6.0. For more extensive, complex and heterogeneous system landscapes this solution is not sufficient, so that especially major customers and international companies use additional third-party systems for the automation of batch processing and workflows.

SAP® Business Process Automation by Redwood (SAP BPA) ehemals SAP CPS (Central Process Scheduling)

In addition to setting up jobs with the usual SAP transactions, we use SAP BPA to automate complex business processes and extensive data communications for our customers, particularly in the retail and banking sectors. We also design cross-system processes that integrate external and legacy systems.

In retail companies, both the data exchange of the central merchandise management system under SAP Retail with the store and POS systems and the logistics distribution centres is automated in a reliable and largely trouble-free manner and the communication with suppliers is efficiently controlled based on EDIFACT standards.

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