SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori represents SAP’s new UI Paradgima and revolutionises the way people interact with SAP systems. SAP Fiori delivers a personalised, responsive and simple user experience – across end device boundaries.

By rolling out a wide range of Fiori apps for different application areas, SAP puts the user in the centre of attention. Instead of overloaded masks dominated by transactional thinking, a slim and highly personalisable interface is now available.

SAP provides more than 500 role-based applications via the Fiori Apps Library and is continuously expanding it. The apps support a variety of roles in the areas of HR, finance, controlling, logistics and sales.

In line with the paradigm shift at SAP, the new Business Suite SAP S/4 HANA will be based on the Fiori principles

As SAP customers, the standard Fiori Apps are generally available to you license-free.

The design concept of the SAP Fiori Apps is based on five core principles

  • Roll-based – Designed for specific roles and how they work.
  • Responsive – Firori Apps work on almost all devices thanks to their responsive design and automatically adapt to different screen sizes.
  • Components of the interfaces (scroll bars, text modules, buttons, etc.) adapt their behaviour to the selected end device. Time- and cost-intensive programming and tests are no longer necessary.
  • Simple – The user has an unrestricted view of his most important tasks, functions and activities.
  • Coherent – Provide a consistent user experience across the entire system.
  • Attractive – Enrich the work experience through intuitive operation.

There are three different types of Fiori Apps to support the user in a variety of interactions:

  • Transactional applications
  • With these applications, users can perform classic tasks that were originally performed with classic SAP GUI transactions.
  • Analytical applications
  • These Fiori Apps offer the user a role-based insight into important operative and strategic key figures in order to derive recommendations for action.
    fact sheets
  • Show the user important information about central objects. This can be material master data or service orders, for example. Connected objects can then be displayed from here.

Analytical applications and fact sheets currently only run on a HANA database. To enter the world of fiori, however, transactional apps can also be operated under conventional databases.

SAP Screen Personas

Productivity through personalisation

SAP Screen Personas offers a simple, drag-and-drop approach to changing SAP GUI masks to make them more usable but also more visually appealing.

SAP Screen Personas is an important part of the SAP User Experience and offers extension possibilities without having to use SAP Fiori Apps.

See what is already possible today

Query the material stock and create a sales order – on the iPad or iPhone with connection to a productive SAP ERP system

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