Steering applications in the right direction – with Application Management Services (AMS) from PTA

No company generates its own electricity or produces the work equipment needed for everyday business. Acting entrepreneurially means purchasing certain products and services from specialised suppliers. And at the best prices. However, outsourcing certain areas of IT does not only create advantages of a financial nature. But there are other reasons for professional application management services. Almost every company today has numerous applications that are not in the strategic focus of their IT. These applications tie up resources and cause considerable non-strategic expenditure.

Through professional Application Management from PTA GmbH, companies can not only save costs, they also gain continuity, flexibility and security. And: the employees can concentrate on their core competencies. All applications continue to run reliably as usual.

Our customised service approach offers the flexibility of a customised combination of all required services. In addition, PTA also supplies the in

Increase the performance of your software applications company-wide!

Increased productivity

Increase your productivity by concentrating on your core competencies.

100% transparency

Create transparency over the entire application landscape.

Increase Excellence

Increase your operational excellence through professional application management.

Reduction of IT risk

Reduce the risk of your software applications comprehensively.

High acceptance

Create for high user acceptance.

100% state-of-the-art

Create competitive advantages by using state-of-the-art technology.

Standard Processes

Standardise all processes of application development and operation.

More valuable time

Save your valuable time by outsourcing your application management.

100% Compliance

Fulfil all compliance guidelines relating to your standardised and self-developed software applications over the entire lifecycle and with regard to security requirements.

Lower TCO

Reduce your TCO by reducing your expenses for the support and development of standardised and individual software applications.

Your benefits with Application Management Services from PTA

1. improving your application quality

With our Application Development & Lifecycle Services you can raise your application to a professional software level. From application development and requirements management to application design, GUI, test management, implementation, performance and roll-out, we offer you all the options you need to turn older applications into secure, documented and transparent applications. This minimises your risks and at the same time ensures a high level of user satisfaction.

2. complete maintenance and support of your application

To ensure the security of your applications even after reengineering, our Application Operations & Maintenance Services are available to you. We offer this service in cooperation with our sister company and service data centre DATIS IT-Services GmbH. Within the scope of these services, you will receive application support as well as L1, L2 and L3 support. Additional services such as error management, monitoring and release management ensure the comprehensive security of your software. Thus, the operative operation of your application is also secured by our maintenance services.

3. seamless integration of your software in your application environment

In order to use your applications efficiently, your revised applications must fit into your application landscape. With our Application & Data Transformation Services, the seamless integration of the application is easy and fast. In this way, you optimise your application portfolio and can rely on simple and reliable data transformation and migration.

PTA Location Determination

The path to successful modernisation of your MS Access landscape

Step 1: Goals & Requirements

  • Survey of the objectives of the IT and specialist departments
  • Comparison with the corporate objectives
  • Recording of relevant framework conditions
  • Definition of results

Step 2: As-is analysis

  • Analysis of applications & processes
  • Analysis of the information areas used
  • Analysis of user behaviour
  • Description of the current situation

Step 3: Develop options for action

  • Inclusion of possible solutions
  • Description of the target architecture of all possible solutions
  • Description of the roadmap for implementing the possibilities

Step 4: Evaluate options for action

  • Preparation of a benefit analysis of the possible solutions
  • Creation of a portfolio according to benefit and cost
  • Risk and added value analysis

Step 5: Result

As a result, you receive a recommended course of action for implementing the alternative solution and the application strategy


On-site evaluation of your applications by a senior consultant and a software architect


We offer the PTA location determination at a fixed price from 9.800,00 € on

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