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The PTA DNA is characterized by flexibility, willingness to learn and a distinctive, collegial cooperation - across all locations. We are united by our enthusiasm for IT projects of all kinds - whether in the legacy environment or in the modern world. And because the IT world moves fast, individual training measures play a central role for us. We all have rough edges, but always convince with professionalism, while leaving room for individuality. Do you also have the PTA DNA? Then let's talk.

Your way to us

We are continuously looking for interested, qualified employees. We offer varied project experience in the IT consulting environment and create a variety of perspectives.

You have professional experience and are looking for a new challenge? You are starting your professional life or you would like to gain a foothold in the IT sector as a career changer? Apply now!

Our benefits

Flexible working time model

With us, you can not only flexibly arrange your working hours. You decide for yourself what you want to do with each additional hour worked: pay it out, compensate it in free time, or carry it over to the next working month as a buffer.

Customized further development

Your (further) development with us is both project- and strength-oriented – tailored and individual. To this end, we rely on a mix of digital and analog learning formats. Through cooperation with learning platforms, our employees can use company licenses.

We adapt to you

At the start of a career, the focus is on different things than with increasing professional experience. We would like to master the different phases of life with you and offer various options for this, such as suitable working time models or adjustments to tasks and roles, among other things.

"Classics" and more

Your child is sick? No problem. We offer the parents among us additional sick days for children. Of course, we also support the “classics” among the benefits: from mobile office, to capital-forming benefits and additional support for retirement provision, to special leave and the BusinessBike.

Agile leadership

We have very flat hierarchies and focus on independent work. In return, we give you the necessary creative freedom to steer yourself and lead your projects to success.

Fair salary structure

Continuous salary development along your development, performance and potential is important to us.

Long-term employee relations

Not only do we work with our customers on a long-term basis, but we also build on long-term cooperation and partnership, especially with our employees.

We live teamwork

Collegiality, a common goal and a willingness to help are our top priorities. We stick together even in difficult times and can always count on our PTA colleagues.

Our employees

…by gender

Female (24%) | Male (76%)

…by age

<30 years (9%) | 30–39 years (30%) | 40–49 years (29%)
50–59 years
 (25%) | >60 years (7%)

…by qualification

Apprenticeship (3%) | Bachelor degree (11%) | Diploma (46%)
Master’s degree
(23%) | PhD (17%)

…by professional background

PTA employees have many things in common: In our company, self-initiative, motivation, independence and the courage to take responsibility are required. A willingness to help, combined with a high level of professional competence, are the basis of our company philosophy and ensure that we are held in high esteem by our customers.

Each employee contributes his or her individual skills and qualifications. We all work hand in hand and contribute our knowledge from different professional backgrounds in interdisciplinary teams.

Our strengths

We do not rely on rigid career paths and off-the-shelf development, but on diversity and flexibility. Individuality is also a top priority in personnel development. At PTA, all employees contribute their personal skills and strengths. That’s why we rely on a mix of different methods to provide targeted and individualized support:


  • Digital learning platforms: This allows everyone to select the timing and content individually to suit their own requirements.
  • Mentoring/coaching: learning from internal experts and thus ensuring internal knowledge transfer
  • External training: where appropriate, we supplement our know-how with external experts in the relevant specialist area or technology
  • Learning by doing: we combine theoretical knowledge transfer with practical application and thereby learn in a targeted and sustainable manner

For us, private life and work belong together. A balance between work and private life is important for long-term performance. That’s why we focus on a self-responsible organization of the working day:


  • Flexible working time model: flexibly organize your own daily routine along customer appointments and internal meetings and decide individually what you do with each additional hour worked.
  • A strong team, even remotely: Through the Corona pandemic, we have learned even better how to work together successfully remotely and strive for a hybrid work model – depending on the customer and individual requirements, sometimes from the customer, in the office or at home. We pull together in a spirit of partnership – no room for a dog-eat-dog mentality!

The world of IT projects is diverse and we also show the most different facets. To ensure that this continues to succeed, we are looking for lateral entrants from a wide range of professions. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology… – We not only offer people from the natural sciences an entry into IT consulting.

Important for this are, of course, first IT contacts such as Matlab or Python, but also a great interest in IT topics, the desire for versatility and the willingness to be flexible in order to master the challenges of the project business.

How can this be achieved? With a helpful team to guide you through the first steps, individual measures to get you ready for new projects, and a high degree of personal initiative to take advantage of the degrees of freedom we offer as a PTA.

The application process – five steps to PTA!

Sending your
application via
our system

Initially, we only need a meaningful CV, the last two references (work or training certificate), the preferred location and the salary requirement.

Review of your


If necessary, we will contact you with further questions or a request for additional documents.


We connect you directly with the right contact person – in person or digitally.

Second interview
with HR

We clarify open questions and provide an insight into our contract components. Now all information has been exchanged and both sides can make a decision.



Welcome to PTA! The contracts are signed and we are happy to welcome you to our team.

You are IT-oriented and your heart beats for IT projects? Then apply now!


Your contact persons at PTA

If you have any questions about PTA or our application process, we are happy to help:
E-Mail: | Applicant Hotline: +49 (621) 41960-838


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