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PTA at OMR 2022: Video avatars and AI revolutionize customer experience

On 17. and The who’s who of the digital and marketing scene met at the OMR Festival 2022, the largest knowledge and inspiration platform in Europe, on May 18, 2022. Visitors to the exhibition halls in Hamburg experienced a mixture of expert knowledge, seminars, conferences, master classes and an accompanying trade exhibition. PTA IT consulting and the digital video consulting assistant NEXOVI were represented twice on this occasion:

With our stand at the Hamburg trade fair and in the form of a master class. NEXOVI product developer Dr. Roland Jesse presented how video avatars and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the customer experience to the interested trade audience on site and in a livestream. You can watch the recording of this masterclass again in full length here.

First-class customer approach: the interactive video consulting assistant NEXOVI makes it possible

Most business transactions or purchases begin with an Internet search. So get started and turn your company into a flagship. Wondering how? Quite simply: with NEXOVI – the digital and interactive video consulting assistant. No matter what products or services you offer. Expand your competitiveness with our digital video consulting assistant and retain your customers with customized interactive consulting! Simple, flexible and long-term.

In future, pick up your customers where they are. Whether it’s taking out insurance via tablet or smartphone at the weekend, receiving product advice in the evening, reporting a move or activating a product key. The digital video advice assistant is available around the clock to provide help and advice. You can find an overview with the most important questions and answers about the interactive video consultation assistant at a glance on the NEXOVI FAQ page.

How your customers benefit from the NEXOVI digital video consulting assistant


Your customer has access to the digital video advice assistant around the clock, seven days a week, no matter where they are: whether on the couch in the evening or in the office at lunchtime.


Your customer specifies the topics on which they would like advice and provides you with the information you need for individual advice or a contract.


Thanks to the interactive video consultation and the direct approach, your customer has the feeling of being advised personally.

Podcast: Video avatars and AI - how are they revolutionizing customer service?

Smart video avatars will revolutionize the help offered by companies – individually and emotionally.

In the Handelsblatt Media Group podcast, Dr. Tim Walleyo, Managing Director of PTA IT-Beratung, and Andreas Lenz, CEO of BKK Pfalz, talk about which technologies will shape the customer service of tomorrow, which requirements digital channels must meet in customer service and how personalized video avatars are planned for specific applications.

How you benefit from the NEXOVI digital video consulting assistant

Increase customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty through:

Increase the click-through rate and place call-to-actions:

User study shows: NEXOVI is convincing in comparison with personal advice

Acting instead of reacting is the logical recipe for success for a well-known German car manufacturer in the premium segment. With the support of PTA IT-Beratung, he initiated a user study among 301 test persons. The central question of the survey: How high is the acceptance of an interactive, digital video consulting assistant in the sales of an insurance company in the automotive sector? The results of the user study are impressive: the digital video advice assistant is rated very positively and is preferred more often than personal advice from an insurance broker.

“The result of this market study confirms our approach. With NEXOVI, we are developing a flexible, quick-to-use and market-oriented tool. Users like it, they save their valuable free time and can get advice around the clock. We are proud of this,” says Dr. Roland Jesse, Head of NEXOVI Product Development.

The detailed evaluations of the user study in the area of car insurance sales can be found here!

Rely on PTA expertise when integrating your video assistant

The following use cases have one thing in common: our recommendation to always connect a digital video consulting assistant to your process-relevant systems. This is the only way to ensure that the data required for the consultation is exchanged and processed. And this is the only way to get the digitization you really need. You are probably wondering what options there are for using the digital consulting assistant in your company? Then talk to our experts and find out what added value the NEXOVI digital video consulting assistant can offer you.

Success Stories

The following customer examples, where we have already successfully implemented NEXOVI, illustrate the versatile application scenarios of the digital video consulting assistant. Whether it’s an application for long-term care insurance benefits, the personalized installation of end devices, a move, the selection of suitable supply and e-mobility products or, for example, updating master data, NEXOVI can be configured as required to offer its own customers a first-class digital consulting service – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Click on a logo to test the respective digital video consulting assistant or read more about our success stories.

Expand your omni-channel concept ...

… and show off with a fully integrated video consultation assistant. The digital and flexibly scalable consulting assistant is freely configurable and can be linked to a platform service if required. In addition to advice, video recording edition and different tariffs, this also includes individual processes with direct contract conclusion and automatic creation of advice documentation.

The video advice assistant is designed so that you can identify and advise your customers in a personalized way at all times. It is also equipped with useful service functions that simplify the reading of meter readings and the uploading of images. Forwarding and routing to all channels is also possible interactively – from the hotline to the chatbot, for example for inquiries and appointments.

An average user spends 88% more time on a website with video than without.

Source: Forbes

Interactive videos are viewed 90% of the time.

Source: Room214

Videos generate 1,200% more shares on social media than text and images combined.

Source: SmallBiz

Unbeatable due to unlimited application possibilities

Get a brief overview of the versatile application scenarios of the NEXOVI digital video consulting assistant here:

Support complex installations and registrations of devices (Internet routers, IoT devices, …) at the end customer through fully digital consulting using all customer-specific parameters. Make sure that the installation is fully checked at the end.

Save time and money by offering your customers a digital and interactive relocation service. The digital advice assistant guides your customers quickly and easily through the most important steps required for a change of address. All your customer has to do is start the digital video advice assistant, log in and enter all the relevant data. You can also offer them a new electricity or telephone tariff for the new address, for example, and your customer signs the new contract completely independently. If you wish, you can also recommend other products to your customer based on the customer base data. There are no limits to your wishes here.

Collect and manage your customers’ current advertising consents reliably and keep an overview at all times. This allows you to offer them an even better service and also act in compliance with the GDPR.

Present your products and provide your customers with all the information they need to make a purchase. Place the most important questions and answers about the product and let the consulting assistant explain them. Interactive elements allow customers to decide for themselves which topics they want to find out about, regardless of time and place. Thanks to the video consultation, he always has the feeling that he is receiving personal advice. You can configure the process so that a product sale is made at the end of the consultation. The digital video consultation assistant also generates and distributes detailed consultation documentation or order overviews on request. And if your customers still need more information from you, that’s no problem: simply integrate a chatbot, live chat or call-to-action with little effort.

Save time and concentrate on the important and promising sales opportunities in sales. With the digital video consultation assistant, you can record inquiries, pre-qualify them and distribute them to the relevant employees in the company. Simply configure the consultation process in such a way that you can be certain at the end whether the customer is seriously interested in your company.

Has your customer ordered a product from you that requires explanation and needs to be installed or configured at home? Great! Then give them a tool with which they can activate their product independently. And when and where he wants. Save the manual effort that is usually performed by service staff in this environment by providing your customers with a digital and interactive video consulting assistant that offers clear installation instructions, for example, or provides assistance with simple errors, thus reducing service requests from the outset.

The fields of application of the digital video consulting assistant are almost unlimited. This puts you in a comfortable position to present offers and consulting videos optimally depending on the customer segment and to define targeted marketing activities for individual customer segments. Access is very easy and intuitive for your customers, who simply enter the consultation room via their browser and receive a recommendation or instruction tailored to their needs. The targeted, segmented approach creates emotional closeness and trust. This is how customer loyalty works today.

You are probably familiar with the following situation: A customer wants to cancel their electricity contract and cites more favorable price conditions with a competitor as the reason. You take immediate action to avoid losing your customer. And this is precisely where the digital video advice assistant provides valuable support. He interactively explains new variants, tariff options and offers so that the customer does not jump ship.

Have we sparked your interest?

Dr. Roland Jesse

Head of Product Development NEXOVI

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