Game Changer Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI – a game changer on all levels. A phrase that is certainly familiar to all those who deal with the topic of artificial intelligence from the media. But what is artificial intelligence all about and why is it worthwhile for those responsible for companies to look into the use of artificial intelligence in their own operations? What added value do they derive from the use of AI and where does this certainly groundbreaking technology reach its limits? We will get to the bottom of these questions.

Artificial intelligence can be well understood as a concept of machines that reason, plan, learn and interpret language in a similar way to humans. Although experts are already predicting that machines will probably not be able to keep up with human intelligence in the near future, AI will nevertheless affect and change our everyday lives in certain ways. The driving force behind AI is “machine learning” technology. Its goal is to reduce work and make us humans more productive. However, machine learning is by no means the only technical development that makes AI solutions a reality. Other methods such as Natural Language Processing or Deep Learning are also used in AI models. Which technology is ultimately used is determined by the respective use cases that a company wants to map.

The application possibilities and advantages of AI are manifold. We therefore give you an overview and outline the areas in which the use of artificial intelligence is particularly worthwhile.

The use of AI and your advantages

AI can be used throughout the entire value chain. The potential applications of artificial intelligence are wide-ranging. That’s why we focus on customer experience management as an example. In this environment, you benefit particularly from AI in the following areas, among others:


  • Lead scoring in the sales process: In future, evaluate your leads with clearly defined KPIs. The closer a new lead is to an existing customer with the best score, the higher the lead’s score will be. Artificial intelligence opens up unimagined options for you here. In sales, you only deal with leads that are really of “use” to you. Namely, specifically with those that have the best values and are particularly promising for this reason. Overflowing sales pipelines are a thing of the past. Your pipeline literally becomes more valuable and you can focus your sales activities on the essentials.
  • Predict cross-sell and up-sell potential in the sales process: anticipate new sales opportunities in an instant and know in advance what you should offer your customer next. Based on sophisticated AI technology, you identify new opportunities using historical, similar data sets even before your customer searches for them.
  • Pattern recognition in marketing: Increase your conversions by creating target groups based on insights. How does this work? By using AI to evaluate targeted information on the interests of online shop users who have already converted.
  • Proactive customer service: Provide proactive services to your customers by identifying potential issues before they do and avoiding escalation. This is how customer loyalty works today – with artificial intelligence.
  • Automated decision making in customer service: Increase customer loyalty through automated decision making based on past values. AI makes this possible. Your customer receives a fast and accurate response to their customer concern and you save yourself many manual steps, time and money.

Where the use of AI is particularly worthwhile

Predictive Maintenance

Lead Scoring

Opportunity Scoring

Data Cleansing

Data Enrichment

Our partners & manufacturers in the AI environment

We see ourselves as implementation and integration specialists and have numerous business analysts, requirements engineers and project managers. For the successful implementation of AI projects and AI-supported services, we rely on the products of renowned partners and a closely interlinked network. Benefit from our successful partnerships in the AI environment. These are impressive. We work together with the following providers on a basis of trust, and with each of the solutions presented here you are in the front row when it comes to AI:

The SAP Cloud Platform offers a range of intelligent services. With SAP AI Business Services, you can use machine learning and AI capabilities to create value for you and your customers – across all areas of your business, if required. You benefit from reusable services, easy integration into your existing IT landscape and the reduction of manual routine activities.

Salesforce’s Einstein AI offers a whole range of intelligent services that let you focus on what’s most important – your customers. Use Einstein to identify hidden opportunities in your business data and derive directional trends and patterns. Quickly create efficient AI-powered applications for your employees and customers on a unified artificial intelligence platform. The areas of application are also broad here:

  • Einstein Discovery
  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Einstein Next Best Action
  • Einstein Language
  • Einstein Bots
  • Einstein Vision
  • Einstein Voice

Microsoft offers proven, secure and versatile AI capabilities with Azure AI. You can use Azure AI to create mission-critical solutions, analyse images, understand language, make predictions from data and mimic other intelligent human behaviour. Whatever your needs, you’ll find the right use case with this AI solution.

Azure AI gives you these bundled capabilities:

  • Develop your individual AI solutions without any expert knowledge: For example, by linking AI functions with machine learning to your apps or using tools and frameworks of your choice for collaboration to build models faster.
  • Integrate AI even in mission-critical applications and make your company fit for the most demanding workloads.
  • Use responsible AI by reliably interpreting behaviours and reducing bias in your AI systems – maintain full control without compromising on privacy, accountability and compliance.

With Azure Cognitive Services, you make AI instantly accessible to any developer through pre-trained models. No in-depth AI or data science skills or knowledge are required. You benefit from a comprehensive variety of domain-specific AI functions to easily apply artificial intelligence in very different scenarios. Optimise your custom developments with the first AI services that achieve human-like performance in machine vision, speech and language recognition. You are also very flexible when it comes to the provision of cognitive services: With the help of containers, they are available on demand anywhere, whether in the cloud or at the intelligent edge. These containers enable you to analyse information close to your real world at any time. This gives you real-time insights that make you extremely responsive.

Kendaxa specialises in AI-based data aggregation, profiling and digitisation and also provides solutions for the automation of various business processes. With the help of these intelligent and AI-based solutions, you can optimise your business processes and gain valuable insights for corporate management.

Kendaxa offers the following products:

  • Enterprise products with which you can optimise your processes
  • Smart services that take your data management, document processing and detailed analytics and forecasting to a new level
  • Custom solutions that enable you to initiate customer-specific projects for joint solution development
  • KENDAXA Deep Intelligence Platform, which allows you to use accumulated skills and experience in the field of machine learning – either as PaaS or as the basis for other services and products from KENDAXA.

Celonis is the leading provider of process mining and process excellence software. With innovative analytics, you derive actionable insights from your data streams and drive action. The Intelligent Business Cloud enables you to better understand processes across your organisation and optimise the operational backbone of your business. Companies around the world rely on Celonis to continuously adapt and drive optimisation of their business processes. It’s a worthwhile endeavour: Because sophisticated process mining can lead to millions of dollars in savings and an improved experience for your customers.

But with the Intelligent Business Cloud, you not only identify friction losses in your business processes accurately and efficiently. You also benefit from an AI-supported platform with which you can develop operational apps that, in addition to process analysis, also enable the automated elimination of detected friction losses. The first predefined apps are available for accounts payable and material management in the supply chain.

A small selection of our AI references

Use Case “New Customer Creation”

The use case “New Customer Creation” shows how a CRM user can quickly create new, similar leads in CRM based on an existing lead using AI. It works like this: After opening a lead, a request is sent to the corresponding Kendaxa service via the PTA-KX service. This service searches for similar companies according to various criteria such as spatial location, turnover or industry and transmits these back to the CRM system via the PTA-KX service. The leads determined are then displayed to the clerk in the detail area of the lead data record. New leads enriched with data can then be created from the displayed data records. This is how modern lead generation works.


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Use Case “Automated Processing of Incoming Invoices”

When checking incoming invoices, companies often go through numerous manual steps. In addition to avoiding errors, ensuring legal compliance is clearly the focus of this process. With the help of intelligent document processing services, documents with typed and handwritten content can be digitised and converted into readable data. Your entire incoming invoice processing is thus streamlined, electronic and automated. And you have more time for value-adding tasks.

This is how the automated process for processing the incoming invoice works:

  • Invoice receipt
  • Extract data, classify
  • Digitise information using OCR
  • Different, flexibly designable levels of formal and personal validation
  • Preparation of the payment transaction in the system only after validation
  • Export to the management system

And these are the advantages of electronic invoice receipt processing:

Significant cost savings through reduction of manual activities

Error avoidance / prevention

Ensuring legal compliance

Use Case “Automated Signature Recognition”

It is amazing, but still common practice in many companies today: Countless employees manually check every single document to see whether a signature has been placed in the right place or not. With automated signature recognition, this antiquated procedure is literally a thing of the past and you gain more time for your core tasks.

The following criteria make automatic signature recognition reliable:

  • It works regardless of the number of documents, the number of pages or where the signature is located within a page.
  • It works reliably regardless of the scan quality/resolution.
  • It does not require any prior preparation of the documents on the client side.
  • Signed and unsigned documents can be automatically sorted into different batches or labelled.


And these advantages are what make automatic signature recognition so valuable:

Quick and easy further processing of information and documents

Increased efficiency through elimination of manual work steps

Improved data security and DSGVO compliance

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