Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP system - the control center of a company

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. A modern and powerful ERP system helps companies – from small and medium-sized enterprises to large global corporations – to use their resources as efficiently as possible. ERP encompasses all core processes that are necessary to manage and control a company: This basically includes all business areas such as financial accounting and controlling, human resources, production, logistics, customer service, purchasing and procurement. A key advantage of an ERP landscape is the ability to manage all the associated processes and workflows in a single integrated system.

ERP automates processes, increases efficiency...

IT experts, analysts and software developers often refer to an ERP system as the “central nervous system of a company”. Ideally, an ERP system digitally maps all business processes and bundles them in a central database. In this way, not only can cross-departmental processes be established, they can also usually be streamlined and thus optimized. In short: with an integrated ERP system, companies are able to increase their productivity and efficiency by automating recurring processes across the board.

...and creates a data-based foundation for strategic decisions

In addition, a modern ERP system enables the processing of real-time data via powerful databases. This enables employees to follow important processes in real time and react in good time, for example if invoices are still outstanding, delivery dates are delayed or customers request details about their orders at short notice. An ERP system therefore acts as a control center: the finance department needs one for timely and legally compliant accounting and for the annual financial statements – if the company operates globally, also according to international accounting standards. The sales department benefits from an integrated ERP system to manage all customer orders. And in the course of increasing customer focus, logistics is also dependent on a smoothly functioning ERP solution in order to deliver the right products to customers on time and provide accompanying services. Management and the board benefit from the real-time data that a modern ERP system provides. At the click of a mouse, it receives a quick overview of important key figures that provide a reliable basis for quick and precise business decisions. The use of an integrated ERP system eliminates the need to manually merge different data sources. In this way, reports can be created and automated with little effort. Deviations between actual and planned values can be visualized and compared without great effort.

An ERP system creates uniform standards throughout the company

An ERP system also provides a company with uniform standards across all departments and branches. In this way, company managers ensure that certain processes run identically within the Group or corporate network and that the entire workforce works in the same way. This saves time and resources and increases quality enormously. In a globalized economy, an ERP system gives companies the level of collaboration they need. They gain agility and speed and thus increase their competitiveness in highly competitive markets

Finding and implementing the right ERP system

The ERP market is broadly diversified and the choice is large. In addition to the market-leading providers such as SAP and Microsoft, there are a large number of ERP providers that specialize in specific industries, business areas or medium-sized companies. It is important for the success of your ERP project that the ERP solution is a good fit for your company, maps your processes and that the ERP selection is carried out carefully. As manufacturer-independent IT consultants, our experts will be happy to assist you in selecting, implementing and customizing the right ERP system.

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