Dr. Tim Walleyo aus der Geschäftsführung der PTA.

FONDS professionell: “Colleague AI from the app”

Commerzbank would like its customers to be advised by a digital avatar in future. In FONDS professionell, PTA Managing Director Dr. Tim Walleyo talks about developments in the field of AI with regard to the banking avatar, which is being developed for 2.2 million active users of the Commerzbank banking app and will later also be available for corporate customers.

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S@PPORT: “SCT for sustainability reporting”

From the 2025 financial year, all large EU companies must record and report on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) on the basis of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. With SAP Sustainability Control Tower, SAP companies now have access to a flexible and powerful cloud solution for precisely this purpose.

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Silicon: “Online banking with video avatar”

The digital advisory assistant EVA, developed by PTA IT-Beratung, supports customers of Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord with questions relating to online banking. EVA is also a real linguistic talent and is fluent in seven languages – German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Bulgarian.

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dotnetpro: “On the trail of power consumption”

Measuring the energy consumption of our software is not trivial. There are hurdles, especially on x86 architectures – but Microsoft is helping us. Marc Armbruster, IT consultant, project manager and system and software architect at PTA IT-Beratung, has looked into app-related energy measurements against the backdrop of green IT:

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