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Matthias Wossidlo, Jana Fischer and Dr. Tim Walleyo from the management of PTA GmbH (from left to right)

PTA IT-Beratung has been supporting customers in organizational and IT projects since 1969. From the initial project idea, through conception and development, to implementation and support, we are at your side as a competent partner with over 400 permanent employees in the PTA Group. The wholly-owned sister company DATIS IT-Services GmbH is integrated into the PTA group of companies and ideally complements the PTA portfolio as a data center.

As a family business that is independent of the capital market and manufacturers, we can always act in the best interests of our clients. We support our customers from various industries locally at 13 locations in Germany, Spain and Switzerland, ensuring a reliable, responsive and cost-effective service.

In addition to its headquarters in Mannheim, PTA has offices in the following locations in Germany: Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart. PTA Spain is based in Segovia, while in Switzerland PTA has its own company in Zurich. We are active in the business fields of custom software development as well as the implementation and support of ERP, CRM and industry systems in the leading development environments. Our clients include companies and groups from all sectors, with whom we generally have long-term relationships.

Customer proximity and local cooperation

Our decentralized PTA organization with distributed locations in Germany, Spain and Switzerland enables qualified customer support on site with fast response times and, if necessary, close involvement in customer projects. This reduces travel costs in the long term and enables us to offer you cost-effective services and solutions.

To this day, PTA is a management consultancy focusing on organizational and IT projects in the economic regions of our branches. Starting from our headquarters in the old post office in Mannheim, we have successively built up a network of locations so that, thanks to this regional presence, we can support our customers permanently on site or, if desired, remotely from our offices.

Our regional structure supports long-term partnerships and gives us the opportunity to react very quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our customers and the market.

ISO 9001 certification

In order to be able to offer our customers the highest possible quality, PTA GmbH was certified for the first time on November 30, 2015 in accordance with the internationally applicable DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. This standard is independent confirmation that PTA meets the standard for the implementation of quality management and is therefore a quality-oriented company. At the same time, PTA GmbH has committed itself to continuously improving its quality management in the future. The decision to have ourselves certified was based on the conviction that a certified quality management system would enable us to continuously improve our processes and thus contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.

ISO 13485 certification

PTA has held the ISO13485 certificate in the field of medical IT since January 2018. This means that we now have the opportunity to provide qualified services, particularly in the development of medical software. From now on, PTA can offer customers who do not want to set up their own quality management system to develop the software for their medical device to create it according to the PTA quality management system. This makes it easier for the PTA to offer its services in the field of health IT:

If you have any questions about our management system, please contact us directly:

Our competence network

Due to the increased technical requirements in organizational and IT projects, we are increasingly involved in working and user groups, forums and initiatives for the industries and topics we support.

Organizational and IT projects are often so extensive and complex that cooperation between several partners is required. In addition to our willingness to work constructively on projects with other service providers selected by our clients, we have a network of partner companies that can support us with additional consultants and experts if required.

Cooperation with manufacturers of development and application systems is also important to us, as we offer our customers a broad spectrum of experience and expertise and also want to react promptly to the latest developments in architectures and tools. Partnerships with the most important manufacturers ensure us access to the latest versions or beta versions and improved information channels for clarifying questions or technical problems.

Our philosophy

Customer orientation is the basis of the PTA organization. For us, customer orientation is more than just a buzzword – at PTA, all structures, processes and guidelines are geared towards our customers. Management, sales, central services, our employees and project managers focus on your customer projects. Our decentralized PTA organization with distributed locations in Germany, Spain and Switzerland enables geographical and technical proximity to our customers.

Our values

Compliance and sustainability



Future competence

Our company history

PTA GmbH has witnessed and helped shape the development of IT. Programmier-Technische Arbeiten GmbH (PTA GmbH) was founded in Mannheim in 1969. The aim of the company was to develop programs for technical calculations, in particular for heat requirement calculations in the construction industry.

In the following years, the focus of development work shifted to commercial applications, particularly in financial accounting and payroll accounting. Not only were programs for IBM mainframe systems developed here and operated using punched cards, but accounting work was also carried out as a service for industrial companies. The increasing dialogization of the application systems required ever closer cooperation with the customer in order to jointly solve organizational and conceptual tasks. The implementation of customer projects was therefore consistently placed at the center of business activities. In response to customer requirements, the range of services has been successively expanded so that not only has intensive experience been gained in the most important development environments, but also a wide range of specialist knowledge in various sectors has been built up.

Today, PTA not only advises customers by designing and programming customized systems. The increasing use of standardized applications in companies has led to the comprehensive technical expertise of PTA consultants also being used for the selection, introduction and expansion of the most important standard software products on the market.

In 2005, further steps were taken to expand the range of services and the scope of the PTA Group. With the acquisition of DATIS Software GmbH (since 01.01.2011 DATIS IT-Services GmbH) in mid-2005, the business areas of data center operations (outsourcing, hosting, cloud computing) and the development of standard software for the logistics sector were taken over from a service provider with many years of experience in this field.

At the beginning of 2006, PTA’s business activities were expanded into Switzerland in order to be able to provide local support for the locations of long-standing international customers there and to gain new markets.

The history of the PTA: facts and figures

March 2024
PTA establishes new office in Spain

December 2022
1st place in the Best of Consulting Award of WirtschaftsWoche

June 2021
PTA presents the interactive video consulting assistant NEXOVI

July 2019
Inclusion of Dr. Tim Walleyo in the circle of managing directors of PTA GmbH
Dr. Harald W. Busch bids farewell to retirement

May 2019
50th anniversary of PTA GmbH

December 2017
Dr. Tim Walleyo joins the Executive Board

September 2017
Relaunch of the PTA GmbH website

Jan. 2017
Establishment of the Dresden office

March 2016
20th anniversary of the Munich office

Jan. 2016
20th anniversary of the Stuttgart office

Jan. 2016
10th anniversary of PTA Schweiz GmbH

Aug. 2014
Dipl.-Kfm. Matthias Wossidlo joins the circle of managing directors of PTA GmbH

March 2014
PTA homepage in a new look: modern and clear design, varied and interesting information

June 2012
Dr. Andreas Schneider joins the Executive Board

January 2012
Establishment of the Kassel office

July 2011
Merger of sks-info GmbH with PTA Deutschland. In future, the services will be provided from the Berlin location.

July 2010
DATIS IT-Services GmbH commissions a new data center location with 200% capacity expansion and high availability concept

Jan. 2010
Expansion of the management team with Dr. Frank Gredel and Dr. Thomas Steinmann

TORF established as a “team-oriented regional management concept”

June 2009
PTA GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary

Feb. 2009
The listed coach house at the PTA site in Mannheim at Seckenheimer Strasse 65-67 is being restored and converted into a large training room.

Jan. 2009
Decision to establish a new regional PTA site in Düsseldorf

Nov. 2008
Relocation of the Munich office to larger premises
Decision to establish a new regional PTA site in Kassel

Jan. 2008
Relocation of the Hamburg office to larger premises

Jan. 2006
Foundation of the company PTA Schweiz GmbH
Managing Directors: Armin Wortmann, Dr. Thomas Steinmann

Dec. 2005
Relocation of the PTA headquarters in Mannheim to its own premises in the “Alte Post” – a listed building

July 2005
Takeover of today’s DATIS IT-Services GmbH into the PTA Group, which has been serving customers in the areas of data center operation and hosting as well as standard software for logistics companies (freight forwarders) since 1969.
Managing Director: Volker Herbel

May 2004
Expansion of the company management to form a management board, which includes the long-standing employees Peter Meier, Dennis Haßlöcher and Matthias Wossidlo

May 2003
Inclusion of Dipl.-Kfm. Knut Fischer in the circle of managing directors of PTA GmbH

Dec. 2002
Merger of the sales company 3 S GmbH into PTA GmbH
sks-info GmbH becomes a subsidiary of PTA

Nov. 2001
Establishment of the Berlin office
Head of office: André Opierzynski

Feb. 2001
Establishment of the Hamburg office
Leadership today through a team of employees

Oct. 1999
Establishment of the Cologne office
Head of office: Dr. Andreas Schneider

Nov. 1997
Establishment of the Karlsruhe office
Office manager: Wolfgang Ruh

Aug. 1997
Relocation of the Stuttgart office to Murr
Head of office: Dr. Alfred Sommer

March 1996
Establishment of the Munich office
Office manager: Willi Frank. Management today by a team of employees.

Jan. 1996
Takeover of IIS GmbH in Obersulm and management as Heilbronn-Stuttgart office by Werner Winkler

Nov. 1994
PTA GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary

April 1991
Inclusion of sks-info GmbH in the PTA Group

Jan. 1991
Dr. Harald W. Busch becomes second Managing Director of PTA GmbH

March 1990
Establishment of the first PTA office for Frankfurt a.M. in Neu-Isenburg
Office manager: Klaus Basters

March 1989
Foundation of sks-info GmbH in Stendal by Boris Krause and Ulrich Schulz

March 1975
Peter Fischer takes over the management of PTA

May 1969
Founding of Programmier-Technische Arbeiten GmbH (PTA) in Mannheim with the collaboration of Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fischer

Our group of companies

With PTA GmbH in Germany, PTA Schweiz GmbH in Zurich and DATIS IT Services, we offer you a complete package.

In 2005, a subsidiary was founded in Switzerland in order to better meet growing customer requirements locally. With over 35 employees from interdisciplinary fields, we support our clients in German-speaking Switzerland from our Zurich office.

DATIS GmbH is a service data center with two locations in Mannheim. As a regional data center, DATIS has been supporting mainly medium-sized customers with IT services since 1969. The portfolio and services include: Housing, Managed Hosting, Application Hosting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), EDI, Outtasking and Outsourcing.

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