The managing directors Matthias Wossidlo and Dr. Tim Walleyo of PTA GmbH

Welcome to the PTA

In addition to many years of experience in the design and development of application systems, we offer our customers sound technical knowledge for the optimization and stabilization of their business processes. With highly qualified employees at twelve locations in Germany and Switzerland, the PTA Group supports customers from various industries on site, thus ensuring reliable, responsive and cost-effective performance. Through our sister company DATIS IT-Services GmbH, we can offer our customers data center operation and development of standard software, managed hosting and, in particular, cloud services both in development and for productive operation.

PTA consistently pursues the goal of accompanying its customers on the path to digitalization. Based on the comprehensive approach of a Digital Business Platform (DBP+), pragmatic solutions are developed that always focus on the greatest possible customer success. Digitization is not fundamentally new for us, as we have been working for decades with IT systems that not only make everyday business more effective, but above all make our customers more successful in developing and marketing their products.

Customer proximity and cooperation on site

Our decentralized PTA organization with distributed locations in Germany and Switzerland enables qualified customer support on site with fast response times and, if required, close integration into customer projects. This reduces travel costs in the long term and enables us to offer you cost-efficient services.

To this day, PTA is a management consultancy with a focus on organizational and IT projects in the economic regions of our offices. Starting from our headquarters in the old post office in Mannheim, we have successively built up a network of locations, so that thanks to this regional presence we can support our customers permanently on site or, if desired, “remotely” from our offices.

Our regional structure supports long-term partnerships and enables us to react very quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our customers and the market.

Our locations

ISO 9001 certification

In order to be able to offer our customers the highest possible quality, PTA GmbH was certified for the first time on 30.11.2015 according to the internationally valid standard DIN EN ISO 9001. With this standard it was confirmed by an independent party that PTA meets the standard in the implementation of quality management and is therefore a quality-oriented company. At the same time, PTA GmbH has committed itself by the standard to continuously improve its quality management in the future.

The decision to have us certified was based on the conviction that a certified quality management system would continuously improve our processes and thus contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. Within the scope of the certification, all our operational processes were put to the test. No non-conformities were found. You can learn more about the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard on this page.

ISO 13485 certification

Since January 2018, the PTA has held the ISO13485 certificate in medical IT. Thus we have now the possibility to provide qualified services especially in the development of medical software. From now on the PTA can offer customers, who do not want to build up their own quality management to develop the software of their medical device, to create it according to the PTA quality management. Thus the PTA can offer its services more easily in the area of Health IT, that is:

  • Consulting and organization of business processes as well as analysis, conception, development, testing and introduction of software systems on behalf of the customer.
  • Cross-industry professional and technical IT services along the entire software life cycle.
  • Consulting, support and services within the scope of individual and standard software projects.

If you have any questions about our management system, please contact us directly:

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Our competence network

Due to the increased technical requirements in organizational and IT projects, we are increasingly involved in working and user groups, forums and initiatives for the industries and topics we are in charge of.

Organizational and IT projects are often so extensive and complex that cooperation between several partners is required. In addition to our willingness to cooperate constructively in projects with other service providers selected by our customer, we also have a network of partner companies that can support us with additional consultants and experts as needed.

In addition, cooperation with manufacturers of development and application systems is important to us because we offer our customers a broad spectrum of experience and know-how and also want to react promptly to current developments of architectures and tools. Partnerships with the most important manufacturers ensure that we have access to current versions or beta versions and improved information paths for clarifying questions or technical problems.