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The changing world of digitalization

All areas of life are becoming increasingly digitalized. The infrastructure of companies is also confronted with the digital transformation, which in turn has an impact on work processes and therefore requires future-oriented solutions. Flexible, transparent, automated and controllable processes are a prerequisite for the implementation of new digital business models and strategies.

The key to future viability:
Digital processes

“If you don’t master the processes in the company, you don’t master the entire company.” This quote from W. Edwards Deming makes it clear how important it is to understand the workflows and communication flows between internal and external process participants. One advantage of digital process development is that it increases the company’s efficiency, competitiveness and performance in the context of Industry 4.0.

The management concept of Business Process Management (BPM), also known as Business Process Management (BPM) or Process Management, provides methods, process models and technologies to qualify business processes for the digital challenges in your company. Business Process Management provides the implementation concepts and methods to align the value-adding end2end processes in your company with customer needs.

They achieve greater transparency, a better understanding and increased acceptance in their organization for cross-divisional work processes. Achieve flexibility and agility in changing processes, as well as active real-time-based process control. Technologically, they are enabled to build an orchestrated component/module-based architecture of (micro) services and applications.

Your benefits from our process model

Transparency of workflows and IT systems involved

Customer orientation through alignment on E2E processes

Promotion of interdisciplinary Thinking and acting

Requirements-oriented implementation

Clear, centrally available process documentation

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Design processes

We provide you with the structure and process models to capture your requirements and model processes. Our foundations are an understanding of your processes, tried-and-tested methods and an agile approach.

Implement processes

We do not end with the process image. To bring your business processes to life, we provide you with targeted support during implementation with the help of automation, training, integration of system interfaces and model-based testing.

Improve processes

We support your continuous improvement, apply process controlling and simulation and prove this with key figures. We use audits to show the maturity level of your business processes.

PTA accompanies your company on the path to digital transformation

Do you intend to do more than just document and improve individual processes? Go one step further and introduce holistic, company-wide process management in your company. Establish process-oriented corporate management. The focus should not be on the department-oriented organizational alignment of your company. Align your actions with customer needs. The design, responsibility and control of processes must be mapped across functional departmental boundaries.

A business process begins with the identification and description of customer requirements, represents a processing sequence and its interfaces to other processes and ends with the fulfillment of these customer requirements. This orientation and structure must be defined and optimized. Based on your requirements and needs, we determine which process-oriented measures are suitable for you to implement. We can use maturity models such as EDEN to determine the location and objectives.

Business processes are subject to constant change. The process management lifecycle (BPM lifecycle) approach takes this into account. This life cycle provides methods, process models and solutions for the analysis, modelling, implementation, monitoring and improvement or optimization of processes. The aim is to achieve and maintain maximum possible quality, productivity, transparency and customer satisfaction on a permanent basis.

The management concept of Business Process Management (BPM), also known as Business Process Management (BPM) or Process Management, provides methods, process models and technologies to qualify business processes for the digital challenges in your company. Business Process Management provides the implementation concepts and methods to align the value-adding end2end processes in your company with customer needs.

There is great potential for automation in order processing

The efficient processing of incoming orders is an elementary process for every commercial enterprise. Nevertheless, projects aimed at optimizing incoming orders are clearly not at the top of companies’ priority lists. The automation of order processing still has considerable potential in Germany. We came to this conclusion as part of a market analysis that we initiated together with Statista. Only nine percent of the companies surveyed process incoming orders automatically, while a further 56 percent process them at least partially automatically.

However, more than a third (35 percent) of companies still process incoming orders manually. Overall, the degree of automation in order processing is therefore low. Companies can eliminate these weak points of a manual or only partially software-supported process without great effort by means of end-to-end process automation and achieve an increase in efficiency.

Analyze, optimize, digitize: PTA as a competent partner in process management

The PTA brings together a wealth of process management knowledge and experience that has been built up over a large number of project implementations. A competence team within the PTA consolidates the acquired project knowledge and creates concrete process models/methods for implementation at the customer’s premises on the basis of market developments. The competence team not only develops methodical procedures for process modeling, process automation and process controlling, but is also the contact for the demand-oriented selection of suitable modeling tools (Camunda, Signavio, Visual Paradigm, inubit BPM, Enterprise Architect, BonitaSoft, Bizagi, …), BPM process engines, notation languages (BPMN 2.0, DMN, CMMN, ARIS EPK, UML, ERM, …) and for mapping process key performance indicators (KPI).

A small selection of projects is referenced below. Our publicly accessible knowledge base contains many other projects relating to process design, process optimization, process strategy and process implementation.

Analysis and showcase for process controlling in customer acquisition

Implementation of process controlling along the customer acquisition business processes. Analysis, data mining and preparation of the relevant process performance in terms of process output, times, quality and costs.

Development of a license accounting system
systems for trademark rights

Development and implementation of a web application with database connection for the creation of audit-proof and GoBD-compliant license statements for trademark rights.

Preparation of specifications for restructuring the IT landscape

The customer uses IT systems from various manufacturers to support its business processes. These are mainly standard software products, but individual customized software components are also used.

Don't lose touch! Use process mining for your digital process optimization

In the course of the rapidly advancing digital transformation, companies are well advised to optimize their business processes in order to fully exploit the potential of digitalization. In order to recognize the difference between the ideal state of a process and its actual execution, the use of powerful process mining technologies is ideal. Process mining can be used to comprehensively analyze transaction data of individual processes, identify bottlenecks and even compliance violations, and thus generally identify great potential for optimization. Such a review is particularly effective for older, established processes.

Experience has shown that wishes and reality are often far apart, especially in such processes. However, as with many things, the devil is in the detail, as we discovered together with Statista: The great potential of process mining has obviously not gotten around everywhere. In our survey, we found that only one in ten companies has sufficient budget for process mining. The vast majority of companies are at risk of being left behind when it comes to optimizing their digital business processes. Over 20 percent of companies even stated that they had no budget for this or were unable to provide any information.

Our partnerships in the field of business process management

Organizational and IT projects are often complex and require collaboration with partners. That’s why we work with selected service providers on certain projects. Furthermore, PTA can draw on the know-how of consultants and experts in a network of partner companies.

As a software developer for process mining, Celonis provides companies with an objective, data-driven, real-time picture of how their processes are actually running. Data from so-called event logs serve as the basis for the digital mapping of business processes. Companies such as Siemens, Bayer and Vodafone rely on the expertise of market leader Celonis in the field of enterprise performance acceleration software.

Camunda develops software for workflow and decision automation. The company develops the popular open source platform Camunda, which supports the BPMN and DMN standards. Numerous companies worldwide use Camunda to automate their core business processes, including Allianz, AT&T, NASA, T-Mobile and Universal Music.

Signavio connects more than one million users in 1,000 companies worldwide and is a leading provider of a cloud-based process modeling and management system. The innovative Signavio Business Transformation Suite is known for its ease of use and fast return on investment.

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