Quality assurance

Quality plays a key role in the added value and success of your company

A particular challenge in the digital transformation is to successfully deliver software or products in general at high speed and high quality at the same time.

To this end, holistic quality assurance must be implemented in the organization and in the projects and product developments. This includes the expertise of the employees as well as suitable and practiced methods and processes, including their continuous monitoring and improvement. Tool support for the various quality assurance measures is also of particular importance here. Quality is more than just compliance with guidelines and standards – it plays a key role in the added value and success of your company.

We are an interdisciplinary team that combines enthusiasm for quality assurance and experience from a large number of projects. Take advantage of our many years of expertise to find pragmatic and appropriate solutions for your individual challenges.

Our competences

Software test

Increase the quality of your software systems and the satisfaction of your customers through efficient testing.

Test management

Software quality

Increase the sustainability and long-term profitability of your software.

Test automation

Your key to greater efficiency and consistently high software quality.

Tool selection and


Benefit from our wealth of experience in optimizing your processes, methods and products.

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

No more time-consuming adaptation of your testing processes thanks to our comprehensive testing services.

Documentation & Reviews


Optimize your methods on the basis of best practices and empirical values – we can provide you with both.

Sub-areas of quality assurance

In our publicly accessible project database you will find a large number of projects, e.g. for the following topics: Test automation, test management, software testing and software quality.

The various quality assurance activities must be carefully planned and managed. Clearly defined key figures form the basis for management. Suitable processes must be used for this, and the use of suitable tools is also necessary in larger projects.

The key figures defined in the planning must be recorded and evaluated on an ongoing basis. In the event of deviations from the target status, measures may have to be initiated and corrections made to the planning.

The processes used must be continuously “put to the test” and adapted if necessary. The aim is to continuously improve activities and processes.

Templates for important project artifacts and checklists (e.g. for reviews and test case creation and execution) are an important support for quality assurance measures. They consolidate empirical knowledge for the structured, efficient and reproducible implementation of these measures. Standards define “recognized rules of technology” and promote the uniformity of products and processes. Depending on the industry and product, different standards must be adhered to during project implementation.

Test automation helps to significantly improve the development and life cycle of a software solution. As release cycles are getting shorter and testing efforts are increasing, automated tests are often more efficient than manual tests – they run faster and more reliably, can be repeated at any time and bugs and anomalies can be identified promptly.

A variety of tools are used for the development, testing and operation of software in order to support and document the associated activities. The selection, introduction and support of a suitable tool is of great importance for the efficiency and quality of the development and testing process as well as the operation of software.

A variety of static methods (e.g. reviews) and dynamic methods (black box and white box) can be used for this purpose. These must be selected and used on a project-specific basis, which requires in-depth expertise in the respective processes.

Different roles with very different qualification profiles are required for the various quality assurance measures and tasks. The respective employees must be trained and further educated through suitable measures. An important option here is, of course, training, which should be supplemented by certifications (e.g. according to ISQTB).

Your benefits from our quality assurance measures

Optimal use of your resources

Lower risk in Your projects

Greater transparency in Your workflows

Lower costs due to Early fault detection

Use of Best practices

Selection of our QA and test tools

Our partnerships in the area of quality assurance

Suitable and integrative tools are required for holistic quality assurance in the organization, in the projects and in product development.

Inflectra offers excellent tools for test management through to comprehensive application lifecycle management (ALM). PTA has been a consulting partner for Inflectra products in German-speaking countries since 2009.

Research our IT projects in the area of quality assurance

Durch die Einführung eines Jira-Projektes wurde die komplette Transparenz aller Aktivitäten zu Betrieb, Wartung und Ablösung einer Hostanwendung geschaffen. Der Fachbereich wurde eingebunden und Scrum als Vorgehen initialisiert und erfolgreich eingeführt. …

Have we sparked your interest?

Frank Heise

Head of Quality Services

Dokumentation & Reviews

Die systematische und jederzeit aktuelle Dokumentation stellt einen wichtigen Qualitätsaspekt Ihrer Software dar. Wir unterstützen Sie beim Entwurf von Templates und Vorgaben für deren korrekten Einsatz ebenso wie bei der Tool-Auswahl für Ihr Dokumentenmanagement.
Weiterhin helfen wir Ihnen bei der Einführung und Überwachung des Dokumenten-Workflows sowie bei der Etablierung einer Ablaufsteuerung für die Freigabe und Verteilung der einzelnen Dokumente, inklusive Ablage-Management.

Die praktische Umsetzung der so spezifizierten Anforderungen an die Dokumentation in allen Prozessphasen übernehmen wir gerne für Sie.

Als wesentliches Element für Ihre Qualitätssicherung sehen wir auch die Organisation und Durchführung von Reviews der entstandenen Dokumente als Aufgabe für uns.



  • Analyse des Projektumfelds
  • Erarbeitung eines Maßnahmenkatalogs

Documentation & Reviews

Systematic and always up-to-date documentation represents an important quality aspect of your software. We support you in the design of templates and specifications for their correct use as well as in the selection of tools for your document management.
Furthermore, we help you with the introduction and monitoring of the document workflow as well as with the establishment of a flow control for the release and distribution of the individual documents, including filing management.

We will be happy to take over the practical implementation of the documentation requirements specified in this way in all process phases for you.

As an essential element for your quality assurance, we also see the organization and implementation of reviews of the resulting documents as a task for us.

Method optimization

Service content:

  • Analysis of the project environment
  • Development of a catalog of measures

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