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The new way of application development

Low-code platforms such as Appian, Microsoft Power Apps, ServiceNow, Salesforce and Mendix, to name just a few examples, play a crucial role in digital transformation. Because with low-code you reduce both the time and money spent on the necessary application development. There is a good reason for this high level of penetration: low-code platforms enable rapid development and deployment of applications with minimal resources.

Low-code is therefore an almost perfect answer to mastering the constantly growing demands of today’s business world. Thanks to a user-friendly visual interface and ready-made components, you can bring your business ideas and innovations to life in no time with Low-Code. This is because the use of a low-code platform simply eliminates the time-consuming and laborious coding of applications. You can focus on your core business and are quick and agile with new solutions, products or business models on the market. Low-code platforms also promote collaboration between business users from specialist departments and IT teams by enabling non-developers to get started with app development. A deep understanding of programming is not necessary. This has one major advantage: the specialist departments know and understand the operational challenges and processes best because they are confronted with them on a daily basis. The need for agility in companies has never been greater – and low-code can undoubtedly meet this need.

Low-code platforms are flexible and can be integrated seamlessly

The low-code approach also offers you enormous flexibility. Low-code platforms enable seamless integration into your existing system landscape, even if you keep your data sources in different IT systems. This gives you the security of continuing to make optimum use of your existing investments. Because regardless of whether you are integrating legacy systems, cloud services or external APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), low-code makes integration an effortless process.

By 2030, the low-code development market will generate 170 billion euros. You too can opt for low-code and take advantage of the many benefits of the agile development environment to speed up your development processes, ensure flexibility and continuously create value for your company. Our IT experts will support you in selecting the right tool from numerous providers and will be happy to assist you with the necessary IT and process knowledge for the complete implementation.

Prepare for a dynamic and successful future by using low-code platforms. Benefit from:

Low-code platforms have an impact across all industries

Regardless of the market environment in which you operate, low-code platforms unfold their numerous advantages in every industry. Against the backdrop of a shortage of skilled workers and limited IT resources, you can rely on a low-code approach that allows you to achieve the necessary speed in the development and implementation of new applications and applications and thus stay one step ahead of your competitors. With fast and agile application development, you can react more quickly to new developments and reliably achieve your transformation goals, as you can better plan, prepare and implement your transformation projects despite time pressure and a possible lack of specialists. As digitalization, automation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) progress, it is more important than ever to understand and know the exact process flows in the company. Otherwise, they cannot be consistently optimized.

Optimize processes - use technologies intelligently

It is not always easy to maintain an overview. This is because the provider market for low-code platforms is characterized by a very large selection of tools from different manufacturers. Especially as the emergence of AI, machine learning and robotic process automation is making the scope for action and application scenarios seem immeasurable. The benefits: With the right interplay of these technologies, more flexibility and agility can be achieved in terms of software development and process automation. It is already clear that the use of embedded AI tools to increase productivity and for analyses or forecasts will increase significantly in the future. The time savings and the option of involving business users from all specialist departments in application development will make low-code a catalyst for the expansion of AI in companies of all sizes. Low-code platforms enable lean and fast application development, meaning that these applications can be used sensibly in combination with AI. And with the skillful interplay of these technologies, intelligent and effective answers can be found to the many challenges that are currently shaping the global economy.

Rely on our wide-ranging process and solution expertise ...

Based on our proven process know-how and our wide-ranging IT expertise, which we have acquired in well over 4,000 IT projects in our 50-year history of success, we provide you with detailed and professional advice on optimizing your digital processes. Our IT experts work closely with you to understand your processes, identify potential for improvement and model and optimize your existing processes.

We can advise you on the selection of the right low-code tool for your organization and support you in the operation and adaptation of your individual low-code platform. Using sophisticated solution landscaping, we work with you to find out which manufacturer and which application or app fits into your individual application scenario – regardless of whether you are using standard software, customized software or even low-code applications. The use of a low-code solution combines several advantages: Not only can it be developed and implemented more quickly than a standard solution. It is also considerably cheaper than customized software. Thanks to special templates that our IT experts predefine for you, you also benefit from unique flexibility. Your low-code application can be scaled as required and easily adapted to new market situations if necessary – and is fully GDPR-compliant.

... and take your digital processes to a new level

The digital transformation is inevitable. Drive this forward strategically, make your structures and processes more agile and put yourself in a comfortable position to quickly develop and implement new innovative business models. Digital tools make it easier for you to interact with your customers in a targeted manner and reach new target groups. Digitalization also helps you to increase the transparency and understanding of your processes and workflows throughout the company, thereby minimizing risks. As convincing as these advantages sound, their implementation is sometimes complex.

Our IT experts will provide you with comprehensive support on your way into the new, digital world, giving you access to pioneering technologies. With our IT expertise and the right low-code approach, you not only achieve flexible, transparent, automated and controllable processes. You also gain more flexibility and agility in changing your processes. Use the wide range of ready-made templates and functions available on low-code platforms and integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence or machine learning quickly and easily into your business processes. Concentrate on designing and integrating new functionalities in your low-code platform. Writing extensive code from scratch is a thing of the past with low-code. Bring your products and services to market faster thanks to accelerated app development and secure valuable competitive advantages.

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