The need for increased productivity

The construction industry has been facing the major challenge of increasing productivity for years. Just 30 percent of the time actually used by construction companies is spent on the execution of the construction work. The rest of the time is used for site visits and inspections, transporting building materials, clearing up the site and reorganizing the construction site. Compared to other industrial sectors, the construction industry has only recorded a small growth rate in productivity. There are many reasons for this: the high complexity of construction projects, the lack of technical standards and data formats for construction drawings; data and information exchange as well as difficulties in communication between the various stakeholders such as clients, contractors, architects, specialist planners or tradespeople.

The level of digitalization in the construction industry is still very low compared to other sectors, although the industry has recognized the potential of digital transformation.

Digitalization in the construction industry - opportunities for higher productivity

Innovative into the future

The time is ideal for change. The digital construction industry is the Key component to improve the productivity and communication of the diverse partners in the construction industry!

Digitization in practice

From simple sketches on paper to vivid 3D models, from from model buildings to virtual reality, from telephone calls to interactive online Collaborations, from double meters to 3D scanning - go with us the step into the digital future.

component technology

Using the right digital technologies in the construction industry processes can be designed more efficiently and communication channels whether you are a building owner, architect, engineer or contractor, craftsmen or building suppliers.

Your advantages

With solutions tailored to your needs, we give you better access to your data and enable you to communicate more efficiently with your partners. Our aim is to increase efficiency in your company.

Target group-oriented visualization

Elimination of repetitive work

Central storage of data

Together we achieve cost reduction, risk minimization and an increase in quality and transparency for future construction projects for you and your company.

Our competences

In our construction industry team, we combine the innovative strength, personality and flexibility of a start-up with the expertise and professionalism of an established consulting firm. We support you throughout the entire digitization process. Our competencies include:

  • Identifying, implementing and maintaining new technologies relevant to the construction industry
  • Enabling target group-oriented visualizations of construction projects in the areas of 3D, VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality)
  • As an ISO-certified company, we are familiar with the identification of relevant standards and norms
  • Managing BIM data and ensuring data availability with cloud-based solutions
  • Prompt implementation of customer-specific requirements and software solutions using state-of-the-art technologies such as


Cloud-based collaboration tool for building information modeling (BIM)

Development of a BIM collaboration tool for construction projects with a browser-based front end. Backend services and infrastructure are cloud-based, using Microsoft Azure. The most important functions include a high quality…

Creation of specifications for a platform to provide product information on the Internet

Creation of a specification sheet as a basis for the new development of an application for the provision of construction product information on the Internet. With the new development, the existing application based on ASP.Net and…


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is not just a 3D model of a building, but a holistic process tool.

BIM’s shared database enables information to be exchanged uniformly between the various partners such as building owners, planners, suppliers, contractors and operators. This innovative yet pragmatic solution summarizes all relevant building and system information for a property in a format that can be used by everyone involved.

The process of information exchange covers the entire life cycle of a construction project: from the initial idea sketch to the completion of the building(BAM – Building Assembly Modelling) and maintenance in the facility area(BOOM – Building operational & organizational Modelling). Building twice: The development of a project using BIM can be experienced and designed more intensively and efficiently. With BIM, the building is already created in all dimensions – space, time and costs – during the planning phase. We accompany you into the BIM worlds in which your ideas take shape!

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