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Analysis of customer-related entries in the market master data register (Federal Network Agency)

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

In order to validate the completeness of the data procurement via interfaces implemented by third parties (independent of these interfaces), the master data stock supplied by the Federal Network Agency relevant to the customer's area with regard to locations, (power generation and other) units and power plants are determined and made available in form of CSV files.


At the time the project was being carried out, the database of the market master data register of the Federal Network Agency comprised 175 differently structured UTF-16-coded XML files with a total size of around 22GB. This data is recoded to UTF-8 and filtered with awk scripts for data relevant to the customer and analyzed with regard to their relationships between locations, units and systems. The results are provided as CSV data in a way that is suitable for comparison with existing productive data.

Subject description

According to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), a transmission provider has the following responsibilities: (a) Discharge and reimbursement of the energy received by the distribution system operators within the transmission provider's control area, as defined by EEG, and the accruing market premiums in the case of direct marketing. (b) Recording the energy received (quantity and chronological sequence) and the reimbursement payments made. (c) Horizontal adjustment: Adjusting the received energy and the reimbursements provided among the 4 transmission providers in Germany. (d) Marketing the energy remaining with the transmission provider after horizontal adjustment. (e) Proportionate distribution of the incurred costs to all electricity supply companies supplying end consumers within its control area. (f) Implementation of a skimming process for excess profits from energy producers on the spot market.


Project period14.11.2022 - 31.12.2022

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