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Centralization of payment transactions (Payment Factory)

Project duration: 10 months

Brief description

Payment processing in SAP will be changed from country-specific interfaces to different Europe-wide banks using standardized, central interfaces.


During this changeover, communication with the central bank will be switched to the SAP IDOC format PAYEXT and DIRDEB. We will use the functions that SAP provides in the in-house cash function. "With SAP In-House Cash, you can set up a payment factory and centrally manage, forward and edit inbound and outbound payments for a group of connected companies." (Source:

Subject description

In addition to the SAP settings, emphasis is placed on communication and coordination with the house bank and the central in-house bank. In order to meet all the requirements, user exists and additional programs must be used, as far-ranging security aspects also need to be taken into account.


Project period01.02.2009 - 30.11.2009

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