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Converting a software project to VS 2008 and .NET 3.5

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

In the course of a two-month project, a software project is to be converted in terms of the development environment, source code management and the underlying framework.


One reason behind the project is the introduction of the new Visual Studio version 2008, whose most notable advantage is that the time required to open, close and compile projects has been reduced. Another reason is that converting to the new .NET Framework 3.5 opens up the use of the latest development technologies, such as LINQ and Office integration. The CVS Tortoise source code management is to be replaced by the Team Foundation Server from Microsoft, which enables the source code management to be more closely integrated into the customer's existing development processes.

Subject description

The conversion takes place over a period of approximately two months, divided into two stages. In the first stage, the software project is converted for the new studio and then subjected to comprehensive tests, and the source code management is converted to TFS. At the end of this stage, a new release is delivered on the basis of Visual Studio 2008. In the second stage, the .NET framework 2.0 is converted to framework 3.5. As with the previous stage, the application is now subjected to a complete test involving the entire development team.


Project period01.04.2008 - 30.05.2008

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