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Cost planning tool for dismantling industrial plants

Project duration: 4 months

Brief description

For the implementation of a comprehensive cost controlling for dismantling works of industrial plants, a consolidation tool for retrospective and prospective cost considerations is developed. This serves as a basis for graphical evaluations and variance analyses. For this purpose, actual values from SAP are correlated with planned data from Oracle Primavera P6 within a newly created data structure in order to demonstrate meaningful developments and to be able to derive decisions. PTA designs the required consolidation structures within a new data management based on the existing source structures of the source systems. In addition, interfaces are created for permanent synchronization of the source data with the consolidation layer. In addition, query elements are provided to support external graphical evaluations.


Provided data structures of both source systems in the form of Excel and CSV exports form the basis to derive a consolidated data model within a SQL Server data management. In order to prepare a permanent import of the source data, appropriate interface functionalities are implemented which cleanse, consolidate and store the incoming information in the required format in the new data storage. On the one hand, these include .NET functionalities for extraction and preparation for data processing, on the other hand, database procedures to be able to handle a high-performance comparison with already existing information. Appropriate data views offer the possibility to present information via any tools like Excel Power Pivot or Power BI. The task of PTA lies in the conception of the IT system in close coordination with the business department, the data modeling and implementation of the interfaces as well as the evaluation basis.

Subject description

The tool significantly simplifies the possibilities for cost controlling of project work amounting to more than 100 million euros for the specialist department. In addition, the quality and meaningfulness of the prepared information increases due to the mapped automated process.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.11.2022 - 28.02.2023

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

Sector Manager Energy

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