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Development of a medical app for the treatment of mosquito bites

Project duration: 3 months

Brief description

A mobile application for Android and iOS systems is being developed to control a medical hardware component. This component (dongle), provided by the customer, is used for the thermal treatment of symptoms resulting from insect bites. The mobile application regulates both the temperature and the duration of the treatment. In addition to project management and documentation, considering regulatory requirements, the PTA takes on all tasks within the software development project.


In order to make the implementation possible for both Android and iOS, the application is created with a cross-platform-capable development environment and language. The implementation encompasses creating a graphical user interface for user-friendly control on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as establishing connections for medical hardware components (including data transfer) through the USB-C port. The initial phase involves testing with emulators for Android and iOS, followed by testing on actual mobile devices to which the stick can be connected. Since the mobile application governs a medical device, it is crucial to meet the applicable regulatory requirements for documentation in the life science sector (LFS).

Subject description

The user can utilize the mobile application to choose treatment temperatures and durations, customizing the treatment program. The application also features a function to activate the selected treatment program, initiating the connected medical hardware component from the mobile device. The app allows users to adjust the font size according to their individual needs. The navigation structure of the app is arranged logically and intuitively. Important functions are easily accessible and the order corresponds to the user's expectations. This app does not collect any personal data from users. User privacy is fully protected as no information is transferred or shared outside the application.

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