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EEG degression tool

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

Creating a tool to be used to implement a legal amendment in an existing database application, through to a new design. This is to take place in the context of amendments to the Renewable Energy Sources Act in the electricity sector (EEG).

Subject description

Additional application for taking into account degression of the state aid surcharges subject to commissioning of the energy generating plant. The existing application supports the transmission provider in carrying out nationwide balancing control in accordance with the EEG in the following tasks: Recording and reimbursing the energy quantities received by the distribution system operators. Horizontal adjustment: Proportionate distribution of the received energy and the reimbursement provided between the transmission providers. Vertical adjustment: Proportionate transfer and settling of the received electricity to power supply companies supplying end consumers.


Project period07.01.2003 - 05.02.2003

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