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Euro as local currency

Project duration: 1 year

Brief description

Implementation and conceptual support for the local currency changeover in all data processing systems from DM to euro. In addition to online and batch programs implemented in various technologies, the project also involves preparing data stored in various data storage systems for the new currency.


The modules in question are online and batch programs that were developed either in PL/1 or using a generator in CSP. The programs primarily address DB2 databases, IMS databases and VSAM data stocks that also need to be taken into account in the changeover. In addition to the Perl scripts that are created to analyze the existing system, a MySQL database is used to save the results of the analysis.

Subject description

The replacement of the DM by the EURO as the local currency requires the conversion of numerous legacy mainframe data processing systems and data stocks, some of which are several decades old. The modules are adjusted either automatically or manually. The automatic process is for more standardized source code that occurs in many programs fairly frequently. Manual adjustment is always necessary if it is important to understand the context of the source code when making the changes. Perl scripts play a significant role in the automated analysis and program conversion. Other core aspects of the task are comprehensive testing, planning the activation and introducing the adjusted software modules.


Project period01.09.2000 - 01.09.2001

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