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Frontend implementation calculation service

Brief description

In this project, an existing standard software is to be replaced by an individual new development. PTA takes over the Angular frontend development.


The existing standard software can no longer be economically extended and maintained after a few years of use. In the course of transferring the functionality and inventory data to a modern architecture with modern technologies, user-friendliness, maintainability and expandability are significantly improved. Existing processes can be run through even more efficiently. PTA GmbH is responsible for frontend development and quality assurance. Technologically, the new solution relies on a .NET backend microservice architecture with a Microsoft SQL database with interfaces to various neighboring systems as well as an Angular frontend architecture. Quality is partially assured with unit tests. The software is deployed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the team organizes itself with a Jira board based on the Scrum approach.

Subject description

In preparation for energy supply contract offers, it is necessary to prepare forecasts of expected energy consumption. On the basis of these forecasts, the calculation is then made to determine the price to be offered. This new development is intended to eliminate the underlying problems of the standard software. Furthermore, the modern service-oriented architecture should also withstand future requirements.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.02.2023

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

Sector Manager Energy

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