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Internet presentation on selling insurance packages

Project duration: 21 days

Brief description

Development of an Internet application for selling additional insurance (dental prosthesis, vision aids, protection abroad, travel and preventive vaccinations, pensions, prevention) for an individual or for families.


The health package is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) principle. It is implemented with PHP 5.2.5 using the Zend Framework. In this context, the health package represents only one module in the overall application, which is enhanced further to include additional modules. The customer data is stored in a MySQL database.

Subject description

The statutory health insurance companies have reduced their benefits in the past, thereby enabling the insurance company to offer additional insurance policies. The health package module is used to enter data from customers who want to claim specific supplementary insurance policies, such as dental prosthesis.


Project period21.04.2008 - 12.05.2008

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