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Power BI Workshop

Project duration: 10 days

Brief description

PTA accompanies the customer, who has no previous experience in the area of Power BI, in the first steps. A one-day workshop is designed for this purpose, which provides an introduction to the Power BI ecosystem and whose content extends from the data source to the dashboard in the cloud platform. An insight will be given based on the setup of a Dynamics 365 environment.


The workshop consists of an explanation of the Power BI architecture and an introduction to the Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service. The customer learns how to connect data sources and construct a data model for the report. Since PTA uses the Dynamics 365 database as a basis, a brief insight into its structure is given. Afterwards, measures and calculated columns are created with DAX and a report with various visuals is built, which is then published in the cloud. In the cloud, one deals with workspaces, permissions and apps.

Subject description

Dynamics 365 is a common CRM system that allows the integration of Power BI dashboards. For this reason, a useful combination lies in the use of these two systems. Power BI enables the preparation as well as a visually appealing presentation of the data. Through this systematic approach, deeper insights into the data are gained and correlations are better recognized.


Project periodProjektzeitraum17.05.2021 - 27.05.2021

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

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