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Risk Management III

Project duration: 1 year, 3 months

Brief description

Support for and further development of a data warehouse for risk management in mortgaging (see project IDs 262 and 562). In addition to enhancing the range of evaluations available to users, the main task is to improve the performance of the data warehouse.


Fundamental improvements to performance are achieved by changing the database design and replacing, step by step, the procedures implemented in PL/SQL for filling the data warehouse and providing the data. The latter is mainly done by developing and using SQL scripts. These can be started in UNIX manually by means of shell scripts or automatically via jobs.

Subject description

Changes to functional requirements, a growing quantity of data to be processed and unsatisfactory performance for the risk management system in mortgaging result in the need for a series of adjustments to the data warehouse. The main focus of activities is on technical aspects.


Project period01.11.2006 - 05.02.2008

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