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SAP BW (SCM): granulate scrap

Project duration: 6 months

Brief description

Development of a plant report for material analysis of raw materials exploded from bills of material at various points in the supply chain, in order to display scrap as a proportion and as an absolute value.


New InfoCubes and ODS objects were developed for time-dependent bills of material and material movements, on the basis of a partially available BW data model for material stocks. On this foundation, a report was implemented to analyze raw materials exploded by bills of material and the resultant scrap, throughout the entire supply chain, from procurement through to selling the finished and semi-finished products.

Subject description

The movements of materials that occur throughout the supply chain using the specific bill of material for the material with the percentage by weight of the raw materials. This makes it possible to determine which raw material was used at various points in the supply chain over a specific period of time. This enables a scrap analysis for various raw materials throughout the entire supply chain process.


Project period01.01.2008 - 30.06.2008

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