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Transferring the previous year's values

Project duration: 24 days

Brief description

Creation of a tool with MS Excel/VBA that, applying specific rules, transfers previous year's values from one file for each group company to one new file for each, aggregating individual values in the process, if necessary.


The tool "searches" for the necessary source files and opens each source file together with the template for the target files. In the next step, a control table maintained by the user is used as the basis for identifying the necessary data, calculating the previous year's values, entering this in the correct place in the template target file, and saving.

Subject description

Due to the conversion of reporting, data for the previous year from the reporting files has to be transferred from the "old" structure to a "new" template. The application created here automates this process for the customer.


Project period06.05.2008 - 30.05.2008

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