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beegy maps merchandise management in the standard with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Interaction of enterprise resource planning system and CRM environment

Together with the IT experts from PTA IT Consulting in Mannheim, beegy GmbH recently introduced the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to further optimize its processes in merchandise management and warehouse management. In the process, the enterprise resource planning system on the existing Microsoft Dynamic 365 platform, was connected with the CRM environment. The end-to-end data models allow for easy interaction. By maintaining transparent warehouse processes for its customers and partners, the pioneer of decentralized energy management gains a high level of on-time delivery, first-class service and thus satisfied customers.

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beegy makes white-label energy an experience. beegy GmbH – the brand name is derived from better energy – offers complete solutions in the field of decentralized energy management. The product range includes photovoltaic systems, battery storage, charging stations, heat pumps and electric storage heaters, supplemented by innovative services such as a flat electricity rate, 20-year warranty, web portal and remote monitoring. As a white-label offering, energy providers and other companies can offer these products to their customers with their own look and feel.

beegy supports its partners along the entire process chain: from components and energy supply to sales, after-sales and billing services. beegy is a wholly owned subsidiary of MVV Energie AG. In the course of setting up a new warehouse with its specialist partner Zschau GmbH, a technical service provider operating nationwide, beegy decided to introduce an integrated inventory management system in order to make all warehouse processes, including orders, deliveries and contracts, transparent.

The implementation partner is once again called PTA

With these requirements in mind, beegy and PTA’s IT consultants set out to find a suitable IT solution – and quickly found one. The choice fell on the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution is characterized above all by its simplicity and user-friendliness, which fulfilled another important requirement that was close to the project team’s heart: all processes in merchandise management were to be mapped in the standard and customizing of the solution was to be avoided. Another point that underpinned this decision was the fact that beegy already had years of experience with and used the Microsoft platform.

And PTA’s IT consultants have also been very well known and familiar to the specialists for decentralized energy management for years. Together, beegy and PTA had migrated the CRM environment from Microsoft Dynamics 2016 On-Premise to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online between October 2019 and February 2020. In addition, DATIS, the sister company of the Mannheim-based IT service provider, hosted the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premise solution for beegy since it went live five years ago – highly available and fail-safe. And PTA has been taking care of the complete application lifecycle management for years.

A detailed process analysis leads to the goal

The goals were set and so the project team set to work. However, before the ERP solution was introduced, a detailed process analysis was on the agenda in a first project step. After all, the aim was to use the new solution to map all goods flows and inventories correctly, to keep an eye on the entire supply chain and also to improve customer service. “The process analysis that we preceded the actual ERP implementation paid off completely, even though it was time-consuming,” explains Martin Seber, IT Manager at beegy.

“Since we had been doing the processes in our merchandise management manually and with Excel lists ever since, it was important that we defined and optimized process flows together. This gave us a solid basis for a holistic overview of our new warehouse and set the course for ensuring that we have control over all goods transactions and movements at all times, as well as delivering all orders on time.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and integration into the CRM environment

After all processes had undergone a detailed analysis and their workflows were now clearly defined, the introduction of the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central began. This was accompanied by the integration of the new ERP solution with beegy’s existing CRM landscape. The cloud ERP solution thus enables access to the CRM system and vice versa. With this integration, beegy will in future be able to use and synchronize data from the other application. For example, beegy sales employees can view the availability of a stocked item in Dynamics 365 Sales when creating a quote or sales order.

“With the integrated solution, we achieve a high degree of flexibility, manage to respond more quickly to customer inquiries, deliver faster and thus further increase our customer satisfaction,” says Dr. Rainer Arlt, Head of IT at beegy, expressing his satisfaction with the introduction of the new ERP landscape.

Especially since the set goals of mapping all processes in merchandise management in the standard were also achieved. On the basis of the preceding process analysis, beegy has aligned its business processes with the processes of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This completely eliminates the need for time-consuming customizing. “Since we have remained completely within the standard, we benefit from a lean, simply structured and user-friendly solution with which we all found our way around after a short familiarization period,” sums up Martin Seber.

David Krämer from specialist partner Zschau was responsible for the scanner landscape used for barcode-supported warehouse management and its seamless integration into the Microsoft Cloud platform: “The system integration went smoothly, and with mobile data capture using clients with online and offline capability in the warehouse area, beegy and Zschau have introduced easy-to-use processes that make work in the warehouse even more productive.

With Power Automate to automated flows

The new cloud ERP solution is flanked by the power features of the Microsoft cloud, more precisely by Power Automate. This feature not only provides the interface for integrating Dynamics CRM, it also enables beegy employees to automate repetitive tasks and digital processes in so-called flows and thus concentrate on the most important core tasks. An added bonus of Power Automate: With the help of hundreds of predefined templates, business users will build small apps themselves in the future and thus automate processes in the respective flow. And even if none of the templates fits the required process, custom workflows can be created with little effort. Microsoft Power Automate is designed so that non-technical employees can automate them without the help of a developer. And if there is ever a need, PTA’s IT consultants will be happy to provide help and advice. With the use of Power Automate and the automated flows it achieves, beegy optimizes all processes in warehouse management. Data losses due to manual media breaks are a thing of the past and the automation of numerous flows significantly reduces the error rate.

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The journey continues

The introduction of the cloud ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is another milestone in beegy’s digitalization strategy. With the use of Power Apps, the provider of complete solutions in the field of decentralized energy management is also flexibly positioned and can react agilely to market requirements in the energy sector. The integrated solution, transparent inventory management and automated processes allow for better planning, fast feedback to customers and high on-time delivery. This is particularly important in times of the climate debate and its impact on the energy sector, coupled with a highly competitive energy market. And so it is hardly surprising that the two project partners are already focusing on the next digitization projects.


“With the integrated solution, we achieve a high degree of flexibility, manage to respond more quickly to customer inquiries, deliver faster and thus further increase our customer satisfaction”,

Dr. Rainer Arlt, Head of IT at beegy, is satisfied with the introduction of the new ERP landscape.

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