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The business success of companies and organizations is largely dependent on the quality, reliability and availability of the IT and software systems used. It is therefore extremely important to test newly developed software or new software releases efficiently and to find software errors reliably and at an early stage. This allows these errors to be corrected in a targeted and cost-efficient manner.

As software testing is usually carried out within a tight time and resource frame, sound knowledge is required to define and carry out the right “mix” of test cases based on the specific requirements and the test and quality objectives.

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How we proceed with software testing

We offer you a comprehensive range of testing services:

This is the intrinsic task of software testing. The particular challenge is to create the test cases for the functional and non-functional requirements using the correct test design procedures. The appropriate test design procedures must be used (e.g. black and white box tests). Tool-supported documentation and execution of test cases enables standardized controlling and reporting of test activities across all test levels and phases.

Agile approaches are being used in more and more software projects (Scrum, Kanban, etc.). In agile projects, the cycle time is often reduced to two to four-week sprints, at the end of which new releases are to be created and delivered. Quality assurance and testing must be adapted to these cycles – this poses special challenges for the design and implementation of software tests (e.g. a good mix of exploratory tests and test automation).

The provision of test data in the respective development and test environments is of crucial importance for the test activities. A number of criteria must be taken into account here, such as the software architecture and the test strategy, but also data protection, as in most cases it is not possible or permitted to test directly with production data. In these cases, we use test data generators to produce synthetic test data or to anonymize production data.

IT systems with poor performance represent a clear competitive disadvantage. We provide support in the design, implementation and execution of load and performance tests.

Test automation helps to significantly improve the development and life cycle of a software solution. It enables reproducible tests to be carried out automatically within a short time and is an important addition to manual tests.

Advantages of software testing

Optimal use of your resources

Optimal use of your resources

Efficient software tests ensure that the available resources (e.g. the specialist department) are used optimally for the implementation of quality assurance measures.

High transparency

High transparency

The test activities provide ongoing information on the progress and status of development activities and the quality of the product to be delivered.

Lower costs

Lower costs

Finding errors in the software or specification deficiencies at an early stage before the software is released and delivered or used significantly reduces costs and effort.

Improved support
and maintenance

Improved support and maintenance

Well-documented tests and test results facilitate the further development of existing software as well as ongoing support measures (e.g. through defined regression tests).

Lower risk

Lower risk

A systematic approach to test analysis, test case creation and execution significantly reduces the risk of overlooking defects or flaws in the software.

Our experience - how our customers benefit from software quality

As an IT consulting company with 50 years of experience, PTA has many years of expertise in software testing. Our customers include medium-sized and large companies from various sectors. A small selection of projects is referenced below.

Preparation and dispatch of accounting documents

As part of the project, a .NET/Angular-based individual software for receiving, managing and outputting documents is being developed. It is integrated via various web services and file systems.

Integration test to optimize an inventory procedure

The customer, an internationally active German food discounter, is further developing the daily inventory procedure used and is also introducing an optimization model for dynamic article prioritization.

Introduction of a central merchandise management system

A group of companies in the food retail sector is further developing a central merchandise management system and extending its introduction to regional wholesalers and branches.

Research in our IT projects in the area of software testing

The software allows diagnostic laboratories to track the status of their laboratory and laboratory equipment in real time. Events from the laboratory workflow are displayed in customizable dashboards. The connected laboratory middleware …
Preparation and execution of the acceptance and business user test for a newly developed task management application that is to gradually replace the old application. The activities for the acceptance tests essentially …
Production Monitoring is a stand-alone software product that will be offered to customers having cobas infinity central lab. Production Monitoring allows the display of laboratory workflow events within customizable dashboards in near …
A synchronisation software between Azure DevOPS and SpiraTeam is being developed for the customer. This software provides synchronisation of requirements and features, including their hierarchy, in both systems. The PTA is responsible …

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