Development of the openKONSEQUENZ module “Planned network measure” started

User module “Planned network measure”

The consortium openKONSEQUENZ aims to provide a software for network operators in the energy and water industry that implements their requirements in a functional, efficient and safe way.

The “Planned Network Measure” is a user module of the openKONSEQUENZ platform. It is intended to support network operators in planning and coordinating necessary maintenance and repair work in the supply networks.

In order for planned maintenance and repair work in the supply network to be carried out, it is necessary to apply for a planned network measure. With the application, the affected equipment, time and duration of the network measure and the parties involved are recorded. When processing the application for a measure, the sequence of the network measure is planned, its feasibility is checked and released for approval. After a further examination of the network measure, it is then released for execution.

The module informs all those involved at any time, from planning to completion of the work, about the current status of the network measure.

project team and procedure

On behalf of the openKONSEQUENZ consortium, the clients of the module are the two network operators EWR Netz GmbH and Netz Leipzig GmbH. IT-Unternehmensberatung PTA GmbH is responsible for the project implementation and the realisation of the module Planned Network Measures. An external QA reviewer was also ordered.

The project procedure corresponds to that of the previous module operating diary. In addition to the software experts, PTA GmbH also provides the Scrum Master for controlling the agile project. In this procedure, the project team delivers functional components every three weeks, which the Product Owner officially accepts in the Sprint Reviews. In this way the module grows from sprint to sprint.

Early user involvement

The users, i.e. the employees of the network control centre, benefit from this approach because they are involved in the development process at an early stage. Based on the currently released development status, colleagues at the control centre can test the new application and check whether their requirements from day-to-day business have been implemented efficiently and in a targeted manner. Since the heads of the network control centres are also part of the project team, it is ensured that user feedback is taken into account in product development.

“We are glad to have the network control centres with us. This way, the benefits of the application can be optimised and user acceptance can be increased at the same time”. emphasises Dr. Michel Alessandrini (project manager, PTA GmbH).

current status and further planning

The official kick-off event took place on 6 March 2018 in Worms, where the entire project team and the responsible persons of all parties involved met in person for the first time. After the final project preparations had been completed, the first sprint planning meeting took place in Mannheim one week later.

Information on the current project status can be found on the openKONSEQUENZ project page of the module Planned Network Activity. Updates are made every three weeks after a sprint has been completed.