4. October 2022

Banking sector in transition: Unique customer journey through intelligent video avatars

PTA at the Handelsblatt Annual Conference BankenTech 2022

What tech trends does a bank CIO already have to deal with today? How can processes in the bank be automated, accelerated and thus made competitive? What concrete best practices already exist? These important questions will be answered at the Handelsblatt Annual BankenTech Conference under the motto “Tech as an enabler for sustainable banking” from 7. to December 8, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main Answers and impulses. Leading experts and decision-makers from banking, technology and science will discuss how the transformation of IT for more agility and resilience in the financial sector can succeed and what solutions already exist. In this context, PTA IT-Beratung from Mannheim will be presenting concrete application scenarios at the accompanying trade exhibition to show how intelligent video avatars to revolutionize the customer experience. PTA Managing Director Dr. Tim Walleyo gives a first impression of this. Tim Walleyo in an interview with the Handelsblatt.

New, agile business models and unique customer experiences on the agenda

Leading banks and financial service providers are facing an unprecedented challenge to redefine established markets and ways of working. At the same time, they are under enormous pressure to develop agile models that enable both contemporary product and customer-oriented action; Financial services have always required a high degree of understanding of customer needs. This goes hand in hand with the need to get customers excited about the fact that a bank can also fulfill these needs. All of this is up for grabs at the moment, as advancing digitalization is changing customer expectations and behaviour; It also lowers the barriers to market entry and blurs the boundaries between individual sectors. Companies from related industries incorporate banking products into their core offering. Fintechs are bringing considerable movement to the traditional banking market.

Digitization provides suitable tools – strategy is required

But traditional banks are far from idle – they have technological innovations to better understand their customers’ needs and translate them into to create unique customer experiences. To this end, the core banking systems need to be modernized in such a way that modern, digital technologies or cloud services can be easily implemented in them. Easier said than done, as the current Banking and Capital Market Outlook 2022 from Deloitte reveals: According to this, only 11 percent of 400 survey participants at management level stated that they had already realized this. In addition, according to the Deloitte analysts, the cloud should become the centerpiece of banks as AI technologies continue to gain in importance. Bislang waren die meisten KI-Investitionen jedoch auf kleine Pilotprojekte und Nischenanwendungen beschränkt. Therefore, the scaling of AI applications should be given high priority in the near future. As this can only be done in the cloud for many banks, it is all the more important to combine both strategies.

Digital video consulting assistant NEXOVI revolutionizes customer experience

PTA IT-Beratung recently developed such a lean, easy-to-implement cloud solution with NEXOVI. This is a digital video advice assistant, which can be customized depending on which products or services a bank wants to cover with it. The wizard can be easily integrated into any website and combines both video and control elements. The highlight: NEXOVI meets customers where they are and guides them through business processes with advice and support. The intelligent video avatar also has no fixed office hours – it is reliably available around the clock, seven days a week. The range of applications of such an avatar in banking is versatile: with simple services, it is available to customers on topics such as online banking in 24/7 mode. It also supports them with online banking in the event that they have forgotten their PIN number, want to unblock their account or increase their account limit online. NEXOVI with a high degree of flexibility: If required, it can also answer questions in different languages, depending on which one a bank customer selects at the start of the consultation sequence.

As part of the accompanying trade exhibition, the PTA team will present concrete application scenarios for the digital avatar. The trade fair show will focus on the opportunities that the use of NEXOVI for banks and financial service providers and how they raise their customer journey to a new level of quality with unique customer experiences.

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Portrait von Dr. Tim Walleyo

Dr. Tim Walleyo

Member of the Management Board

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